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09-15-2008, 01:38 AM
Obama supporter running "Troopergate" investigation

Here is the audio:


I have run across some very explosive audio from an Alaska Joint Judicial Committee Hearing. What you will hear is the committee discussing who's really running the investigation.

One of the committee members tells the "independent" investigator Branchflower that he has the right to put someone on the subpoena list who was omitted for some reason.

However, investigator Branchflower refuses to do so, saying that he must consult with Mr. French, the Alaskan Democratic Senator leading the "troopergate" investigation.

This confuses the committee member, who wonders why he has to consult with Hollis French at all.

Does that mean Hollis French, a partisan Democrat and Obama supporter, is putting the list together for political purposes? If that is so, then it seems this is much more than just a deep conflict of interest.

Why does Mr. French have any say in putting the subpoena list together? How independent is an investigation being run by a partisan Alaskan Democrat Senator, Hollis French? Aren't the political motivations of Mr. French too strong to run a fair investigation? Is he using it to promote his career and the agenda of the extreme Left, which is to destroy Sarah Palin at all costs? As you can hear in the audio, it is extremely fishy to say the least. This is looking more and more like a partisan witchhunt.


09-15-2008, 02:50 AM
Very interesting. And here they say Palin abused her power. :rolleyes: