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03-26-2012, 12:24 AM
NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) – A Queens woman is suing Apple for $1,000,000 after smashing her face on a glass door at a Long Island Apple Store.

Evelyn Paswall, 83, claims that the glass doors at the front of Apple Stores pose a risk to the elderly.

Paswall’s attorney Derek T. Smith told the Post that,“Apple wants to be cool and modern and have the type of architecture that would appeal to the tech crowd, but on the other hand, they have to appreciate the danger that this high-tech modern architecture poses to some people.”

Paswall claims that she didn’t realize that she was walking into a wall of glass as she approached the store, and says that she broke her nose as a result of the collision.

Her suit claims that “The defendant was negligent . . . in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

As of Saturday warning strips had been posted on the glass at Apples Manhasset store.http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/03/25/octegenarian-sues-apple-for-collision-related-injury/
Birds do this all the time. Why do I want to see a picture of this woman?

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My father, who is 75 years old, has stickers on his sliders.

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My father, who is 75 years old, has stickers on his sliders.

You would think she was walking with a cane, did her face arrive first?

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Earls comment was just mean!


Take her to the vet and have her put to sleep. That’ll be one less hazard on the road and one less social security check we have to make good on every month. Her time is up – in the animal kingdom she would have been eaten by now.

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Earls comment was just mean!

and yours was better...?

My sister in law ran over me the other day, never get between her and the refrigerator!

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and yours was better...?:rotfl: