View Full Version : Experts Say About 80 to 88 Percent of All of the Oil Offshore Is Off-Limits

09-15-2008, 11:34 PM
Fox News: Experts Say About 80 to 88 Percent of All of the Oil Offshore Is Off-Limits Under Dems' "No Energy" Legislation

"Drill-Nothing" Democratic Majority Readies Legislation Loaded with Poison Pills Aimed to Kill New American Energy Production

House Democrats are scrambling to complete their latest “no energy” bill, which is expected to make its way to the House floor later this week. The problem for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is that the longer it takes for the bill to be introduced, the more the American people are learning about the Majority’s bogus “drilling” legislation that fails to lower gas prices for working families, small businesses, seniors, and schools. And that’s not good news for the Speaker or rank-and-file Democrats who hope to mislead their constituents back home that they are actually poised to vote for a “pro-energy” bill.

Reports already indicate that the Democrats’ “no energy” bill will not include critical revenue-sharing between the federal government and coastal states – a poison pill that will lead states to block energy production off of their coasts and effectively kill any new “drilling” under the bill. On the heels of these reports, Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse noted this afternoon that the faux “drilling” language in the Democrats’ bill actually blocks energy production in some of the most oil- and gas-rich locations off our nation’s coasts. In total, Speaker Pelosi’s latest proposal permanently locks away an incredible 88 percent of the best American oil resources on the Outer Continental Shelf. A transcript and full video of the Fox News report follows:



Offshore drilling of course, is a hot topic on the campaign trail and on Capitol Hill. This is something a lot of Americans are passionate about. You remember the big oil spill off of the coast of Santa Barbara in 1969 but now a lot of Californians are actually rallying to end the ban on drilling if you can believe that. The Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors making a move to support drilling again 100 miles off of their coast. But will it ever happen? William La Jeunesse is live from beautiful Santa Barbara, California today. William, are Californians coming around to the idea of drilling off the shores of their home state?


Well, California is very symbolic of the U.S. as a whole. We use more oil here than anyone other than the United States and China. Now you can see right out here we’ve got vast reserves in the Pacific. There’s a straw right there. There is more oil between Santa Barbara and San Diego than the Eastern Seaboard or the Eastern Gulf. Now as you said, we came to Santa Barbara for a very good reason because this is the birthplace of the ban on offshore drilling and yet as you said, the board of supervisors is reconsidering after that devastating spill in ‘69. This would be like the people of Chernobyl voting for nuclear power. Now, I’m going to take you into the truck real quickly, to give you a look at the national picture Martha and what is happening tomorrow in Congress. This is a look right now, at oil resources in the United States offshore. About 3.8 billion barrels off of the Eastern Seaboard, about 3.7 off the Eastern Gulf, and about 11 billion off the Pacific Coast. Now, this is important because this is what they’re going to be talking about. That is California right there. Currently, the state limit is about 3 miles so if they lifted the ban entirely they could go after this oil. They are talking about putting the limit at 50 miles. Now the state legislature could go from 50 to 100 miles if they want. That’s not going to happen in California. You’d have drilling off 100 miles, but all the oil is right here, and that is why experts say about 80 to 88 percent of all of the oil in the country is off-limits under the two bills being considered in Congress.