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03-26-2012, 02:43 AM

It's long, but worth the watch. The host is weird, but the guest is from Narco News. This video goes along with this article:


...The covert law enforcement operation known as Fast and Furious allowed thousands of weapons to flow across the borders of Arizona and New Mexico and into the hands of the powerful Mexican Sinaloa narco-trafficking organization, which has been engaged in a bloody turf war with the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes (VCF) Juarez drug organization for control of a long-running, lucrative drug-and-arms smuggling route that cuts a dangerous path through the same badlands that border the Mexican town of Palomas and its USA sister city, Columbus

ATF’s Fast and Furious gun-running operation catapulted into the national spotlight in early 2011, with the focus on the Arizona border, where the operation allegedly played out — with the weapons, under ATF watch, finding their way in bulk, an ongoing Congressional investigation has found, to the Sinaloa “Cartel,” which is led by the likes of Joaquin Guzman Lorea (known as El Chapo) and Ismael Zambada Garcia.

However, an ATF agent, who asked not to be identified, recently told Narco News that the “gun-walking” tactics (allowing weapons to be purchased and smuggled into Mexico unimpeded by law enforcement) that were employed in Fast and Furious also extended to the New Mexico border as part of a “cut-out” operation. The New Mexico operation also allowed hundreds of US weapons (possibly far more) to be smuggled across the US border — with the supposed goal of identifying the “higher-ups” in the Mexican narco-trafficking organizations that were purchasing the illicit weapons.

“All of New Mexico is covered by the ATF Phoenix Field Division [which hatched Fast and Furious},” the ATF agent says. “The Columbus [New Mexico] case wasn't anything new or different. It began as a part of Fast and Furious, was then cut-out, given a different case number, and run by one of New Mexico [ATF] groups employing the same [gun-walking] tactics.”

The facts of a gun-smuggling bust that played out in Columbus, NM, in early 2011 — which resulted in the indictment of some 14 people, including the mayor and police chief of Columbus — seem to lend credence to the ATF agent’s claims.

As far back as 2009, the Associated Press published a story about Columbus with the following headline: “Drug smugglers allegedly move into N.M. town: Police say Mexican traffickers’ money revving up local economy.”...

....The ATF (the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)-sanctioned Fast and Furious operation, and its predecessors under the Bush administration (one dubbed Wide Receiver, launched in 2006), whether by design or not, in essence it seems, armed one enemy (the Sinaloa Cartel) to fight another enemy (the VCF), and in the process, a lot of innocent people as well as drug-war combatants have been caught up in the blowback — many killed due to smuggling-route battles being waged to assure assess to a lucrative black market that spreads across both sides of an invisible line we like to call a border.

It seems the US military has now been drawn into that fray, if the reports by The El Paso Times and Plumlee are right. Those troops might be engaged in searching out and destroying hidden weapons stashes, or providing an extra layer of security in an increasingly borderless drug war, or possibly conducting joint operations with the Mexican military in a type of squeeze play to shut off the Columbus/Palomas contraband route and other similar connections. The truth is, though, likely no one outside the chain of command of that military operation really knows, or will ever know, the real nature of the mission.

But one thing seems clear: The thousands of assault rifles and pistols pumped into the Southwest border region as a result of ATF’s botched gun-walking strategy are likely playing some role in prompting the arrival of the US cavalry — in this case, it seems, special operations soldiers.....

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I an't wait to see how the AG tries to explain this.