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09-16-2008, 12:21 PM
History Dept. Chair: Palin Must Be,Somehow Connected to
Pacific Northwest Hate Groups

"In Order To Maintain Their Standing As Certified Liberals It Is Required Of
All College Feminist/Liberal/ScrewBalls To Denounce Paulin Somehow !"

Warning: Do not send your kids to Connecticut College…
Michelle Malkin …or they could end up writing and thinking like this.

Cliff Notes’ version of Connecticut College history department chair Catherine McNicol Stock’s
supremely silly op-ed:

Sarah Palin is from the Pacific Northwest.

White supremacists live in the Pacific Northwest.

Connect the dots!
Read the whole piece and then check out the professor’s official bio.
She’s got three degrees from Yale. Egad. Cross that one off the list, too

The chair of the Connecticut College history department, Catherine McNicol Stock, has suggested that Sarah Palin is somehow associated with Pacific Northwest hate groups such as Posse Comitatus and the Aryan Nations. Her proof? Well, because Palin lived in areas with low "diversity." I kid you not. Here is the professor's "learned thesis" presented in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion column melodramatically titled, "Intolerance thrives in Palin's Pacific Northwest" (emphasis mine): Despite her efforts to portray herself as an average, small-town, "folksy" American, Sarah Palin's political views - ardently pro-gun, pro-censorship, antichoice and antigay - make John McCain's conservative credentials pale...

"Other groups, like the Aryan Nation, with headquarters in Hayden Lake, Idaho, actively planned to rid the United States of African Americans, Jews, and other "non-Aryan" peoples. A few carried out their plans, murdering Jewish radio host Alan Berg in Denver, the Goldmark family in Seattle, an African American state trooper in Arkansas, Fish and Wildlife officials and FBI agents in Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana, and more than 160 federal employees and their children in Oklahoma City. "

"There is no evidence that Palin was ever affiliated with white-supremacist groups during her years in Idaho or at home in Alaska.

On the other hand, the beliefs of ultraconservative, evangelical churches like her family's come dangerously close to those of the Christian Identity movement of those years.

Likewise, Palin's husband was a member of a political party whose members favored secession for Alaska, suggesting an affiliation with radical antistatism."

"So What Is The Point Of Your Fantasy Tome again Herr Doctor Stock"

"Perhaps somewhere on the record, Palin has publicly condemned the radical politics of her region.

But it is hard to know where she stands on issues of race, equality and diversity. Thus it is high time to review the cultural ideals and models of the radical rurals from the Great White Northwest and find out for sure where Gov. Palin stands."

http://www.philly.com/inquirer/opinion/20080914_Intolerance_thrives_in_Palin_s_Pacific_No rthwest.html

09-16-2008, 01:36 PM
You have to really start to wonder about people who attend those Ivy League schools. There is no eveidence that Palin has associations with hate groups, but this "professor" makes the assumption she does because of where she has lived??? :confused: I grew up in a gang infested area, so that would make me associated with those gangs?? What a stupid analysis, if you even want to call it that. And what does that mean for Obie where there is clear evidence he's been hanging out with people who hate America.