View Full Version : For what it's worth: Sheriff Arpaio, March 31, 2012 (Birth Certificate)

04-08-2012, 04:21 PM
Sheriff Arpaio had another press conference on March 31 about the results of his "Cold Case Posse" (led by Mike Zullo) in regard to Barack Obama's birth certificate.

The link below is to the video of the March 31 press conference. Zullo's entrance and opening remarks start at 41:00. The actual details start at 47:00


Zullo not only presents his own, very convincing evidence, but he also debunks the counterarguments made by the left and by Bill O'Reilly. Worth watching Zullo's entire presentation.

Here is a short blurb about the press conference.


...Mr. Zullo, who has volunteered his time and efforts for the past six months without pay, then took some time to present the preliminary results of the investigation. He presented the videos from the original press conference, and commented between each video. Throughout this presentation, the crowd was responsive, often gasping at certain moments in the videos, and clapping at the end of each video.

After this presentation, Mr. Zullo revealed various updates on the continuing investigation. He hinted about new analysis of the typesetting of the online birth certificate. According to Zullo, the word spacing and typewriter fonts on Obama’s birth certificate are uneven, suggesting the use of multiple typewriters, and consequently, cutting and pasting from various original documents. In addition, he said that the team is looking into the numbers listed on the online document, suggesting that the numbers are out of sequence with other birth certificates released around the same purported time of Barack Obama’s birth. Zullo informed the audience that five experts, in various professions, were working on these further investigations. Mr. Zullo concluded that his team would continue the investigation and that “we won’t quit until it is finished.”

The topic then shifted from the birth certificate to Obama’s selective service card. Sheriff Joe sent a letter to the Selective Service feds conveying his concerns. In response, he was told that nothing was wrong and that if he had a reason to inquire further, he should get in touch with the FBI. For background of the investigation into Obama’s selective service card, watch this video. According to Zullo, the sheriff will continue to pursue this matter with the selective service authorities....