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04-16-2012, 03:31 AM

Google accused of invading privacy with pictures of house numbers

Google has sparked a new privacy row by forcing users to decipher blurred photos of private house numbers to access their own accounts.

nternet users are being asked to read random property numbers snapped by Google's Street View cameras, as part of new security checks.

The tests weed out "bots" by ensuring that users are human. But Google has been accused of exploiting the data submitted in by the public for commercial gain - by adding the information to its own mapping system.

Campaign groups said that the use of pictures of real house numbers presents “serious” security issues, and accused the internet company of being “underhand and crude”.

The pictures of house numbers, which are taken from doors and fences on its Street View mapping service, appear on Google’s websites when internet users are asked security questions in order to access their accounts.

In order to gain access to the page, web users are asked to identify a blurry house number by typing it into a box. >>>

“There is a serious privacy issue with identifying the individual number of people’s homes,” he said. >>>

"It is clear that Google sees the people who use its services as a commodity to be used up. To use the public as unwitting data loggers is both underhand and crude.

"The 'Don't be evil' mantra appears to have been replaced with a thirst for knowledge," he said. >>>

The Telegragh (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/9205486/Google-accused-of-invading-privacy-with-pictures-of-house-numbers.html)


What if Google happens to be supporters of Statists ... like 0bama?

04-16-2012, 11:12 AM
when I want to comment on an article, it says I can "sign in" using Google, Yahoo, or Facebook. If I click "yes" a little box pops up telling me that if I do this I will be diving the site (St Pete Times perhaps) access to my contacts, preferences, and maybe history. So I don't do this.

AM I reading this correctly that if I sign in using Yahoo then all of my email contacts will now being available to the St Pete Times? Are other people giving me to these other sites?