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The other day, the news broke that Barack Obama likes dogs ó I mean he REALLY likes dogs. A lot. In his belly! Of course, that has spawned images from all around the Internet. This after the DNC attacked Romney for transporting his dog in a carrier on top of his vehicle. The Indonesian Marxist even wrote about eating dogs in one of his books.

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These Hitler things crack me up. Everytime I see them though I wonder about the actor playing that browncoat standing behind Hitler. That dude is creepy. He was cast well.

I always wanted to go back and find the actual English translation for what he is saying but I don't really want to know now. I just prefer they keep skewering him.

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It's not a reach for Obama eating dogs in Indonesia. The visitor from Togo (Africa) that I had some time ago at the house (as a supposed typical American family) bragged about how the best parts of the dog were first pick for young boys who played some sort of physical games. The winner got first pick.

I was disgusted, but can see how that must be some sort of rite in the muslim countries or just a good food source in Indonesia. It's sort of like eating at some Chinese restaurants----is it dog or cat on the menu?

Can't believe that Obama was fool enough to put that in his autobiography.

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Exploding Cigar: Obama, the Dog Eater

As Don Surber notes: "Sadly, the economy still slogs along with gun sales as the lone bright spot." Aware that this is not the kind of record you win re-election on, Obama's crack campaign staff has --with the aid of their media lapdogs -- set up a series of diversions, each of which is exploding in Obama's face like Wile E. Coyote's Acme exploding cigars.

Last week the "Republican War on Women" disintegrated when DNC operative Hilary Rosen claimed Ann Romney, a mother of five, never worked a day in her life, so was an odd choice for Mitt's adviser. That was followed by the news that Obama paid the women on his staff 18% less than the male staffers and that Hilary Rosen was a very well paid corporate lobbyist with unprecedented access to the same white House Obama had pledged would not be influenced by lobbyists.

This week, the campaign, aka Acme Cigar Corporation,decided it was time again to try to paint Mitt Romney as personally dislikeable by trotting out a 30 year old tale about his putting the family dog in a carrier on the family station wagon for a trip. Seamus, the dog, protected by a jerry built wind screen, survived, but the story was touted once again by Acme and its press buddies in the belief that as history proved, one can with media helpers knock out Republican candidates on silly externals. Play the race game (Trayvon), the Women's Rights charade (Rosen and Fluke) and the animal lovers' heart strings (Seamus), and in that way pick up piece by piece the blocs of independents they so sorely need to prevail.

And it might have worked but for Jim Treacher's post heard round the internet.

Treacher dug this out of Dreams from My Father, Obama's supposed autobiographical novel which the press praised as evidence of his genius, apparently without ever reading it: >>>

The President ate dog!!!!!

Leaving aside how the press which did such detailed checking on Obama's opponents (remember how they scoured Palin's emails and Trig's birth records?) -- and every Republican national candidate for decades -- missed this, the news that President was a dog eater, unleashed a ton of creative juices, from YouTube to photoshops to bon mots and clever captioning.

AmericanThinker (http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/04/this_weeks_exploding_cigar_obama_the_dog_eater.htm l)


Looks like things could get 'ruff' for the boy Emporer.

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Looks like things could get 'ruff' for the boy Emporer.
Don't worry, Team Obama will deal with "Racist Comments" like yours soon enough/

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I just realized that I have never seen this clip with the actual subtitles.

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At the end of the American Thinker piece, I found this gem:

Anyway, if SNL is looking for some new material, Instapundit found this on Facebook: " Obama just got endorsements from Michael Vick and Anthony Bourdain."

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/04/this_weeks_exploding_cigar_obama_the_dog_eater.htm l#ixzz1soaNApMJ

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Indonesian Source: Obama Would Have to Hunt for Dog Meat in Jakarta

in Jakarta, where the Obamas lived with their Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, dog meat is illegal. In the majority Muslim Indonesia, eating dog is forbidden among most ethnic groups in the islands, though a small, black market is said to exist for those looking for it. The only exception are the Batak people, principally of Northern Sumatra who eat it on holidays--but Obama's stepfather, who was raised in West Java, isnít a part of that ethnic group. Besides, the Obamas lived hundreds of miles and several islands away.

A diplomatic source close to the Indonesian delegation in the U.S. confirms that while dog is sometimes eaten in Indonesia, it is done so very rarely. ďObama had to go hunting for dog meat,Ē the source, who didnít want to be identified, told me.

ďI donít know of anyone who eats it and frankly, Iím a little offended you would ask.Ē

Breitbart.com scoured Indonesian cook books. Not one mentions ways to prepare dog.

Source (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/19/Indonesian-Diplomatic-Source-Obama-Would-Have-to-Go-Hunting-for-Dog-Meat-in-Jakarta)