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04-19-2012, 05:14 PM
I didn't really think it'd be that big of a deal, that my daughter won a free rabbit during an easter egg hunt. The little fur ball is kind of playful, clean and easy to keep, and my munchkin loves the thing.

A trip to Petco and $200 later, for the supplies needed for that free rabbit... no complaints.

Finding out the rabbits sick, and immediately needs to be hospitalized... I'm a bit apprehensive, but take it in anyways. After a check up and the Vet tallying up what it will cost to bring the rabbit to health, I take a long pause. If we didn't just have a horrendous ordeal, where we brought two puppies home for our daughter, and had to immediately return them... I'd be saying goodbye rabbit. Than explaining to my daughter how rabbits 'change color' some times in the Spring. So, a few days go by, with the rabbit in the vet hospital. With a pleasant update, that the rabbit might make it versus the almost assuredness stressed when I okayed the billing. Picking the fur ball up, I'm presented with additional bills... which certainly would have put the fur ball into the Hawk food category had I known beforehand.... This lagomorph better be appreciative!

04-19-2012, 06:51 PM
Wait until Tarpigeon hears about this!http://planetsmilies.net/shocked-smiley-9456.gif (http://planetsmilies.net)http://www.smiley-lol.com/smiley/animaux-insectes/familiers/vil2_lapin.gif

04-19-2012, 10:40 PM
We made a $200 donation for Bella. Very shortly after that we had an over $500 vet bill for surgery for a little cyst on her neck and for the tear she had when she ran into a thorny orange tree in our back yard. Those vet bills run up fast.

It's a shame that you couldn't have found another rabbit that looked like the sick one. I don't want to sound like Ptarmigan, but don't think I would spend a whole lot on a bunny. But understand when kids are involved. :smile-new:

04-20-2012, 01:41 PM
You are being brainwashed by rabbits. Rabbits are plotting to destroy humanity.