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Lead Story
William Shakespeare born, 1564

American Revolution
John Paul Jones burns Whitehaven, England, 1778

Chrysler buys luxury automaker Lamborghini, 1987

Civil War
"Panic has seized the country," writes Davis, 1865

Cold War
Truman confronts Molotov, 1945

Sirhan Sirhan receives death penalty, 1969

Soviet cosmonaut is killed, 1967

General Interest
King Brian of Ireland murdered by Vikings, 1014

Otto Preminger dies, 1986

Birth and death of William Shakespeare celebrated, 1564

Judy Garland plays Carnegie Hall, 1961

Old West
Byers publishes first Denver newspaper, 1859

James Buchanan is born, 1791

Hank Aaron hits first home run of his MLB career, 1954
Vietnam War

Ford says that war is finished for America, 1975

World War I
Poet-soldier Rupert Brooke dies in Greece, 1915

World War II
Germans begin "Baedeker Raids" on England, 1942

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Who is "Davis", 1865?

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Who is "Davis", 1865?


Confederate President Jefferson Davis writes to his wife, Varina, of the desperate situating facing the Confederates.

"Panic has seized the country," he wrote to his wife in Georgia. Davis was in Charlotte, North Carolina, on his flight away from Yankee troops. It was three weeks since Davis had fled the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, as Union troops were overrunning the trenches nearby. Davis and his government headed west to Danville, Virginia, in hopes of reestablishing offices there. When Confederate General Robert E. Lee was forced to surrender his army at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, on April 9, Davis and his officials traveled south in hopes of connecting with the last major Confederate army, the force of General Joseph Johnston. Johnston, then in North Carolina, was himself in dire straits, as General William T. Sherman's massive force was bearing down.

Davis continued to his wife, "The issue is one which it is very painful for me to meet. On one hand is the long night of oppression which will follow the return of our people to the 'Union'; on the other, the suffering of the women and children, and carnage among the few brave patriots who would still oppose the invader." The Davis' were reunited a few days later as the president continued to flee and continue the fight. Two weeks later, Union troops finally captured the Confederate president in northern Georgia. Davis was charged with treason, but never tried. In 1889, he died at age 81.

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OK. Just seemed odd that the citation from history.com would only give a last name.

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OK. Just seemed odd that the citation from history.com would only give a last name.

When you brought it up I thought the same thing, good help is hard to find!

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1892 - A group of Fort Worth women received a Texas charter establishing the Fort Worth Public Library Association. A part of the stated purpose was "the accumulation of paintings and artistic work of every character for the enjoyment and cultivation of our people." The resulting gallery, after several name changes, became the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in 1987.

1936 - Musician Roy Orbison was born in Vernon, TX.

1942 - In Texas, Kenedy Alien Detention Camp began receiving prisoners. It housed more than 3,500 Japanese, German and other foreign nationals during WWII.

1962 - Duane Eddy performed "Deep in the Heart of Texas" on "American Bandstand."

1965 - The Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs beat Albuquerque before 7,231 in the first game at Turnpike Stadium. (minor league baseball)