View Full Version : The Left’s breakdown over all things Palin was as predictable as it is encouraging.

09-17-2008, 01:13 AM
The Left’s Nightmare

The Left’s breakdown over all things Palin was as predictable as it is encouraging. To paraphrase Obama, they are embittered, clinging to their lies and disdain all things patriotic and all things religious. They have a deep antipathy toward those in power who happen to be Christian, rural, Republican, or in a uniform of any kind. Their pro-amnesty, heartfelt anti-Americanism is the reason for the tidal wave of energy and enthusiasm that McCain’s selection of Gov. Sarah Palin has unleashed.

Imagine the Left’s pain and suffering, hearing the growing crowds chanting USA-USA-USA! A year ago the liberals were crowing about the pending defeat of American forces in Iraq. But then Obama admitted the troop surge was successful. Now they’re cowering over what looks like an American troop victory and the pending defeat of Obama by, of all things, an old war hero.

Their embedded talking heads in the media are publicly sharpening their knives, snickering to themselves about how they are going to slice and dice Palin. ABC’s Charles Gibson, looking down his nose at this woman who’d dared to stand up and be counted, could hardly control his disdain. He was playing for the media elites to prove his creds against this conservative woman, but he, like they, don’t realize exactly what the American public is suddenly holding on to, not clinging to, but embracing with all their hearts and souls.

For it is not so much who Sarah Palin is, but what she is. She is the everyman and woman that built this great country. She is the embodiment of every great Frank Capra movie, the Mrs. Smith going to Washington, the average Jolin going up against the big city snobs, the K Sreet and Wall Street power brokers, the sexists and effete bigoted haters of our military who provide and protect their way of life. She might not have a $28,000 per seat fundraiser sponsored by Barbara Streisand, but she has won a priceless seat at the table of every average American’s table.

And though $9 million may be raked in by Streisand, that’s only from 250 people. This election will take much more than Hollywood’s elites to find victory.

The Left sees in Palin eerie parallels to Ronald Reagan. A common-sense, plain talking former sportscaster who is shattering the near Biblical certainty that their time had come to control America. A woman whose very stage presence is more powerful than a speeding bullet and has given Americans the chance to jump over the Left’s control of the media and communicate their approval with wild applause and chanting, which no manner of media tricks can edit away.

The Left clings to their white wine and brie views that have been fueled by their envious desire to be more like their European deadweight counterparts. Obama’s Berlin speech had them genuflecting before maps of the EU. Now Palin, by simple being herself, has them hearing nightmarish whispers of au revoir, auf wiedersehen, hasta luego, toodle-loo and don’t let the capital door hit you on the way out to their we-are-citizens-of-the-world dreams.


09-17-2008, 01:15 AM
Yes, We Can Hold Obama Accountable

To paraphrase what Churchill said about the Soviet Union: Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, background and fairy-tale image is a puzzle wrapped in a fiction inside a mythology. The voters of Pennsylvania began unraveling the mystery candidate and found the Left’s emperor was without clothes.

Obama out spent Hillary three-to-one only to get whipped in the Pennsylvania primary by a double–digit margin. Those Bible and gun-clinging people of the Keystone state refused his evasions and apologies that Obama and his media amen chorus have been papering our eyes and flooding our ears with for more than a year.

Obama’s stage cry of “yes we can” (referring to his “change” mantra) reminds me of Dorothy clicking her heels and saying, “there’s no place like home.” Obama has turned his “change” slogan into a self-limiting set of talking points. He seems unable to go beyond them. But it’s not enough, and the voters of the upcoming primaries in North Carolina and Indiana will be laying in wait.

Issues close to the voters’ hearts matter. In Pennsylvania they sat in those same duck blinds Obama made fun of and shot him down for not doing things expected of national politicians today, such as wearing an American flag lapel pin. His conjurer’s spin about a twenty-year friendship with anti-American bigoted minister Rev. Wright fooled no one. His “answer” was a deception, an evasion and opened him to many more questions he’s equally uncomfortable with.

Voters might not always tell the truth to pollsters, but behind that voting booth curtain the Pennsylvania gun and bible-clingers fired a shot heard round the world (or at least throughout the Democratic Party). It was the quiet people of faith toting their multi-generational family Bibles, seething that this man patronized them in the circles of San Francisco elites who look with disdain on “fly over” Americans between New York and the West Coast.

Will the voters of Indiana and North Carolina take their marching orders to forget about Obama’s past, saying it’s all just a right wing guilt-by-association campaign? Or, will they begin to see a pattern of associations of the guilty, wondering just how much more dirty laundry and anti-Americans are hiding behind his toothy smile.

Obama’s media mavens—such as Chris Matthews and the CNN news crew—wilt at the suggestion that they even question Obama’s association with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. The voters of the next two primary states and the voters in the November general election won’t forgive and forget so easily.

While Pennsylvania was busy ignoring Obama’s advertising attempts to rebuild his mystique, Obama has been furiously digging himself another political grave. In the last debate he said, “The notion that somehow, as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense.”