View Full Version : 2 Nights Left, Need A Good Restaurant

05-09-2012, 12:10 AM
For those who've been to Ocean City, MD, I need help. We've been here since Friday and the only decent meal we've had were the 2 dinners we cooked ourselves and the 1 morning we went to breakfast. We've been to J/R's Ribs. Didn't expect much from this place but for a rib joint, the ribs were terrible however the Maryland style crab cake wasn't shabby. The next night we ate at a place called Phillip's Seafood House. This place was recommended to me and after $90(including tip) I came away knowing I had a better meal from Red Lobster. Tonight we went to a place called Embers. This was another recommendation. This place had a seafood buffet which is their staple. Again, $65 spent and I wish we went to McDonald's instead. The only saving grace here was that the place is undergoing some construction so the management took $5 per person off the buffet and was giving a free round of their specialty drinks. There are several restaurants in this town but I'm a bit gun shy so I ask, what is a good place to get a good meal in this town? :livid: