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05-17-2012, 07:44 PM
Lead Story
Brown v. Board of Ed is decided, 1954

American Revolution
Washington criticizes "taxation without representation", 1769

Civil War
Confederates defeated at the Battle of Big Black River, 1863

Cold War
Gorbachev meets with Lithuanian prime minister, 1990

LAPD raid leaves six SLA members dead, 1974

Fire engulfs Honduras prison, 1994

General Interest
Heyerdahl sails papyrus boat, 1970

Televised Watergate hearings begin, 1973

Final episode of Beverly Hills 90210 airs, 2000

Dorothy Richardson, pioneer of stream of consciousness, is born, 1873

The FBI Laboratory weighs in on the "dirty" lyrics of "Louie Louie", 1965

Old West
Geronimo flees Arizona reservation, 1885

Andrew Johnson marries Eliza McCardle, 1827

Islanders win fourth consecutive Stanley Cup, 1983

Vietnam War
Operations continue in Cambodia, 1970

South Vietnamese reinforcements near An Loc, 1972

World War I
Henri Barbusse is born, 1873

World War II
The Memphis Belle flies its 25th bombing mission, 1943

05-17-2012, 10:50 PM
1839 - On the North San Gabriel, Manuel Flores and his band were defeated by Texas Rangers. The Flores group had killed four members of a party of surveyors between Sequin and San Antonio on May 14.

1865 - Several miles northeast of Tyler, the last of 1,200 Federal prisoners left Camp Ford.

1893 - The Texas City Improvement Company filed the first townsite plat in Texas City.

1922 - Singer and composer Leon Roger Payne entered the Texas School for the Blind. His songs were later recorded by Elvis Presley and Dean Martin.

2000 - The Eagles filed suit against the "Hotel California" restaurant in Dallas, TX, alleging trademark violations.