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Lead Story
American Red Cross founded, 1881

American Revolution
Lenape Indians abduct Mary Campbell from western Pennsylvania, 1758

Connecticut enacts first speed-limit law, 1901

Civil War
The Siege of Port Hudson begins, 1863

Cold War
Gorbachev consolidates power, 1988

Leopold and Loeb gain national attention, 1924

Long Island Lolita is arrested, 1992

A veteran's flashback defense doesn't hold up in court, 1996

Huge earthquake hits Chile, 1960

General Interest
De Soto dies in the American wilderness, 1542

Lindbergh lands in Paris, 1927

Earhart completes transatlantic flight, 1932

Soap star Susan Lucci wins first Emmy after 19 nominations, 1999

Serialization of Colette's The Vagabond begins, 1910

Chuck Berry records "Maybellene", 1955

Old West
Black Spanish explorer Estevan is reported killed, 1539

Garfield's spine on display at museum, 2000

Nancy Lopez wins her first Coca-Cola Classic, 1978

Vietnam War
Military spokesman defends "Hamburger Hill", 1969

World War I
Second Moroccan Crisis, 1911

World War II
Nazis kill "unfit" people in East Prussia, 1940

Thousands of Jews die in Nazi gas chambers; IG Farber sets up factory, 1942

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Lenape Indians abduct Mary Campbell from western Pennsylvania, 1758
She made soup for the Indians and they released her later.

05-21-2012, 05:22 PM
She made soup for the Indians and they released her later.

Some one could take that two different ways......

143 - Earliest known date in Amer-pre Mayan king Harvest-Bergvorst installed
685 - Battle at Nechtansmere: Picten beat Northumbrians
878 - Syracuse, Italy is captured by the Muslim sultan of Sicily.
879 - Pope John VIII gives blessings to duke Branimir and to Croatian people, considered to be international recognition of Croatian state.
996 - Pope Gregory V crowns his cousin Otto III German emperor
1040 - King Henry III gives Utrecht the Groninger currency
1216 - French crown prince Louis enters England
1260 - Kublai Khan of the Mongol Empire sends his envoy Hao Jing and two other advisors to the Song Dynasty court of Emperor Lizong of Song; while attempting to negotiate with the Song in order to resolve their conflict, Hao Jing and his fellow emissaries are imprisoned by order of the high Chancellor of China, Jia Sidao.
1542 The Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto died of a fever and Moscoso Alvarado led his expedition into Texas.
1844 - Pioneer Texas doctor born in Alabama
1849 - German furniture artist arrives in Texas
1930 - The Texas Physical Therapy Association was organized as the state chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.