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05-23-2012, 12:44 AM

Caller desperately seeking help gets sleeping 911 operator instead (VIDEO)

A 911 operator in Maryland crossed the line between cool under pressure... and comatose.

The unidentified employee was placed on administrative leave after a panicked woman whose husband was turning blue called for help — and heard nothing but snores.

“Hello? Hello? Hello?” the caller asked as the sleeping operator snored away on the tape acquired by NBC4 News in Washington.

“Now he’s all blue,” the crying woman said at one point to the sound of sawing wood.


The operator was out of it for six minutes, with 18 audible snores captured on the tape, before finally waking up and asking the woman for her address.

His snoring became so loud during the April 4 emergency call that a second dispatcher on the line asked the caller if her husband was making the noises.

The operator, who conked out during a 24-hour shift, will stay on the payroll as an investigation continues into the incident, Montgomery County Assistant Fire Chief Scott Graham told the television station.

According to Graham, the woman’s husband was eventually taken to a local hospital without any problems caused by the long delay in getting help.

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Wow! Where do I get one of these jobs that sleeping on the job gets me administrative leave with pay?

WHERE?? Oh... right. Maybe the Capital...