View Full Version : On national security, Senator Obama is almost a caricature of Jimmy Carter

09-18-2008, 12:21 AM
Why McCain-Palin Must Win

Hand it to John McCain for being the perpetual Lazarus, from his virtual political demise a year ago to what he wrought in Minneapolis/St. Paul with his pick of Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President. Although the GOP is in disrepute, the Arizona senator has a good shot at winning in November--and a good thing, too.

Whatever Senator Barack Obama's dazzling abilities as an orator and campaigner are, he has demonstrated no understanding of the elemental importance of free enterprise or of the fundamental role of risk-taking in bringing about economic progress. To him businesses are necessary evils and must be subject to ever stricter oversight and regulation. A career in commerce, he profoundly believes, is a crass sellout to one's less noble instincts. It would never occur to him to turn to free-market solutions for health care and Social Security. That taxes are a price on work and risk-taking is an utterly alien concept to Obama. Thus, increasing tax rates on the "rich" will have no discernible impact--"They can easily afford it." His faith in government is almost unlimited.

And it's not only taxes we need to be concerned about. Obama would work to increase opportunities for the already formidable personal injury lawyers. He would enthusiastically sign legislation that would bar secret ballots on union representation elections, thereby making it easier for his labor allies to intimidate workers into consenting to unionization. He would stand by while the teachers' unions block education reform.

When it comes to national security, Senator Obama is almost a caricature of Jimmy Carter, whose foreign policy was the most disastrous of any of our post-WWII Presidents. When Russia invaded Georgia, McCain's response was informed and forceful, Obama's floundering and equivocal. No wonder Vladimir Putin is rooting for the rookie Illinois senator.

McCain will know how to strengthen our military and reform our intelligence services. Even were he similarly inclined, Obama wouldn't know where to begin. As with his economics, Obama's instincts here are all wrong.

John McCain and Sarah Palin will hammer the Obama-Biden ticket on energy and national security. They should also repeatedly hit their opponents on taxes.