View Full Version : I voted yesterday.....new district for Congress in NV

06-03-2012, 01:51 PM
I took advantage of early voting.
Only three elections were partisan. I voted for Dean Heller as he seems to be doing OK. Between both parties there were 12 people on the Primary ballot for the Seator's seat.

We also have a new district for Congress after the Census. District 4. Nine are running, all Republicans. I gave Ken Wegner (http://wegnerforcongress.com/)my vote. I also like Barb Cegavske who was a NV state Senator at one time...but I went for the "new blood."

The only other partisan vote was for our state assembly and I voted for James Oscarson (http://www.oscarson2012.com/issues) who is the public relations director and mediator for our local hospital. He is also an RN. The other yahoos I didn't see helping out community.

Non partisan was town board and Pahrump district Justice of the the Peace. Of my three votes two of them I am friends with and the other I am familiar with. We had 12 people running for 2 town board seats. (Our town is unincorporated)

The Justice of the Peace I voted for is a retired officer Travis Huggins (http://www.travishuggins4jp.com/) that is endorsed by everyone and his wife was the first female Nevada Highway patrol officer. Very good friends of mine...and he would do a very good job.

We have a crooked lawyer in town that used to work for the states attorney's office that runs for everything from judge, to DA, to JOP....he comes close, but never wins...I sure hope he does not win....he used to cover for our last District Attorney that now had to leave town after his third DUI arrest in two years....one of them was in a county owned car, and two were on the same day....