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06-05-2012, 03:04 PM
Lead Story
FDR takes United States off gold standard, 1933
American Revolution
Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations, is baptized in Scotland, 1723
Autoworkers' union calls strike at GM parts factory, 1998
Civil War
Union routs Rebels at the Battle of Piedmont, 1864
Cold War
George Marshall calls for aid to Europe, 1947
Bobby Kennedy is assassinated, 1968
Constantinople burns, 1870
General Interest
Profumo resigns in sex scandal, 1963
Six-Day War begins, 1967
Robert F. Kennedy shot, 1968
Ronald Reagan dies, 2004
Jennifer Lopez marries Marc Anthony, 2004
Ken Follett is born, 1949
Elvis rocks The Milton Berle Show, 1956
Old West
Discoverer of Klondike Gold dies, 1922
Cleveland denies widow her husband's military pension, 1888
FDR warns Japanese against using poison gas, 1942
Julie Krone wins the Belmont Stakes, 1993
Vietnam War
Robert Kennedy shot after California primary, 1968
Laird testifies before Congress, 1972
World War I
British War Minister Lord Kitchener drowns, 1916
World War II
Allies prepare for D-Day, 1944

06-05-2012, 07:11 PM
1931 - David Browning, Jr. was born. He was a three-time Texas state diving champion and won an Olympic Gold medal in 1952.

1837 - The city of Houston was incorporated. It had been founded on August 30, 1836.

1837 - The Congress of the Republic of Texas granted a charter for the establishment of a nonsectarian, nonpolitical seminary in Independence, Washington County.