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Lead Story
Reagan challenges Gorbachev, 1987
American Revolution
Virginia adopts George Mason's Declaration of Rights, 1776
Edsel Ford agrees to manufacture Rolls-Royce engines for war effort, 1940
Civil War
J.E.B. Stuart rides around the Union army, 1862
Grant pulls out of Cold Harbor, 1864
Cold War
Reagan challenges Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, 1987
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murdered, 1994
Deadly quake hits India, 1897
General Interest
Philippine independence declared, 1898
Medgar Evers assassinated, 1963
Indira Gandhi convicted of election fraud, 1975
Gregory Peck dies, 2003
Anne Frank receives a diary, 1942
Honey Cone earns a #1 hit with "Want Ads", 1971
Old West
Journalist headed for Little Big Horn files dispatch, 1876
George Herbert Walker Bush is born, 1924
John F. Kennedy receives medals, 1944
Big Red sets record at Belmont Stakes, 1920
Vietnam War
South Vietnamese premier resigns, 1965
Lavelle testifies before Congress, 1972
World War I
King Constantine of Greece abdicates, 1917
World War II
Paris on the verge of invasion, 1940

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I see you referenced it but here's a nice article about it.

The Culmination of Reagan’s Foreign Policy: “Tear Down This Wall!” (http://conservativebyte.com/2012/06/the-culmination-of-reagans-foreign-policy-tear-down-this-wall/)
Another interesting occurance of the day, 1962:

Alcatraz marks 50th anniversary of fabled escape (http://news.yahoo.com/alcatraz-marks-50th-anniversary-fabled-escape-070900165.html?fb_action_ids=825625918968%2C825587 595768%2C825578903188&fb_action_types=news.reads&fb_ref=type%3Aread%2Cuser%3AvrRQw0LCt1G_Gm07E42q47 0VTSY&fb_source=other_multiline&code=AQAKIK6lG-0ncyt24u5xkpMC9m-wr1n0IqyjNGHc3GYTC_Z_RPUUnYxvSXmcRpN0hemQt--vkbIxTVjZ6lBBwbX_E8Z8RuhFmae6B4GvngZ6IIYCA0ECHl5Rz IFK8rGL9yRfe9BTRBB1dItFCGAvCcIv9dlXzfsRWQJkNASzwml 8mxjmdfWcrgx-leQKlHlDhWM#_=_)

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Friday June 12 1863

With the corps of Gen. James Ewell still in the lead, the entire Army of Northern Virginia was moving northward. They were passing behind the Blue Ridge Mountains and approaching the fords and bridges of the Potomac River. Minor skirmishing occurred in Cedarville, Middletown and Newtown.

Larger fighting did not occur because, incredibly, the Army of the Potomac still sat in camp where it had been for months. Its commander Gen. Joseph Hooker still dreamed of Richmond. His CiC, Abraham Lincoln, again suggested to Hooker that rather than take Richmond, Hooker should try taking Lee.

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1886 - James Farmer was born. He was the first black man to hold a PhD in Texas. He taught at Huston-Tillotson College and served as a pastor in Texarkana and Galveston.

1901 - Karnes County sheriff W. T. Morris was killed by Gregorio Lira Cortez. The misunderstandings, extended pursuit, capture and trials of Cortez led to Cortez being seen a folk hero to many Hispanics and some Anglos.

1967 - Thomas Campbell Clark retired from the Supreme Court of the United States. He was the first Texan to serve on the court.

1969 - El Paso County gave Hueco Tanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In May of 1970 the 860-acre Hueco Tanks State Historical Park was opened to the public.

2011 - The Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA Championship. The defeated the Miami Heat 4 games to 2.