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My personal favorite:

I heard someone else say that it looks like the work of Michelle Bachmann

She is now on the committee that has the knowledge that was leaked. She is known even amongst her own party for not being able to keep her mouth shut. And she also has every motive to want to sink the Obama administration.

In other words: It was a set up.

Sounds good to me.

So it was Bachmann all along? She probably piloted the plane that didn't crash into a field in PA on 9/11 as well.

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It would be nice to have a new "B" for BDS. :biggrin-new:

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There is one marginally sane poster in that thread:

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6. i heard that too

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imo it is a half-baked theory. Two big problems right off the bat, 1)no way in hell David Sanger is going to use Michele Bachmann as a source for a story about Obama's deliberations. 2)she would have no motive, because the stories help Obama politically. The Bachmann types are frustrated because they ruin the picture of Obama being weak on national security.

I particularly like the moonbat who didn't think that the leaks had caused any harm. I guess that the doctor in Pakistan who is now serving hard time for assisting us isn't on their radar, or the other people throughout the world who will now be afraid to help us because they know that we cannot keep a secret. Then, there are our allies, who might find having the details of our joint covert actions being broadcast in the media just a tad off-putting. Can't wait for Obama to try to get an update on something critical from Shin Bet or Mossad after this. They whined about Valerie Plame, who was not a field op, and whose life was never endangered by being outed by, among others, her husband, but the SEALs whose helicoptor was downed a few weeks after the Bin Laden raid was made public knowledge may have been specifically targeted because of it.

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Post 22 seems to have a hidden message. If intentional it is hilarious.

Not so sure.

Going out of their way to make Obama look bad is par for the course with the media and the right. On the
other hand the leaks did have to come from somewhere and a NYT reporter said "high administration official."

My theory is that someone did in fact leak this information out of loyalty to their boss in the hopes that
it would counter the bs about Obama not being strong on terrorism. In fact he is a lot stronger in the issue
than a some of us would like. I don't think it hurts us politically but it does give the other side something
to yap about for a while and hopefully they hang themselves with it like they did in the Clinton years.

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Initial (as far as I can tell) speculation about Bachmann: