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Lead Story
Congress adopts the Stars and Stripes, 1777
American Revolution
Continental Congress chooses national flag, 1777
"The Bourne Identity," featuring famous Mini chase scene, is released, 2002
Civil War
Union defeated at the Second Battle of Winchester, 1863
Cold War
First nationwide civil defense drill held, 1954
TWA flight 847 is hijacked by terrorists, 1985
Flash flood devastates Oregon town, 1903
General Interest
Bounty mutiny survivors reach Timor, 1789
UNIVAC computer dedicated, 1951
Falkland Islands War ends, 1982
Queen Elizabeth makes Helen Mirren a Dame, 2003
Harriet Beecher Stowe is born, 1811
Folk singer Burl Ives is born, 1909
Old West
California's Bear Flag revolt begins, 1846
Harding becomes first president to be heard on the radio, 1922
Jordan leads Bulls to sixth NBA title, 1998
Vietnam War
Dr. Spock convicted for aiding draft resisters, 1968
U.S. command announces troop withdrawal, 1969
World War I
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson gives Flag Day address, 1917
Linda Numbers born
World War II
Germans enter Paris, 1940


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Thanks for including me! I'm pretty historic, all right. :)

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1881 - The Laredo Times was founded. In 1926, the paper became the first English-language paper on the border to include a Spanish section.

1920 - In Alpine, in Brewster County, Sul Ross State Normal College began operations. The school later became known as Sul Ross State University.

1958 - Elvis Presley returned to Fort Hood, TX, for ten weeks of advanced tank training.

1983 - Five people were killed in a wing of a Ramada Inn in Fort Worth, TX. The fire began in stacked rolls of carpet and padding, the fumes that ensued were toxic.


1954 - The words "under God" were added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

2002 - In Lubbock, TX, a power failure ended a Britney Spears concert after only two songs

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2002 - In Lubbock, TX, a power failure ended a Britney Spears concert after only two songs
See, there IS a God.

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Sunday June 14 1863

Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia were on the move. Unfortunately for Maj. Gen. R.H. Milroy and his 6900 Union troops at Winchester, Lee was on the move directly towards him. Not believing that the impending threat was genuine, he was slow to begin a withdrawal to Harpers Ferry.

Abraham Lincoln, in one of his classic dispatches to Gen Hooker, asked: “If the head of Lee’s army is at Martinsburg and the tail of it on the Plank Road between Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, the animal must be very slim somewhere. Could you not break him?”

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Thanks for including me! I'm pretty historic, all right. :)

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