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06-16-2012, 10:32 AM
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Lead Story
First roller coaster in America opens, 1884
American Revolution
Patriot printer, publisher and postmistress, Mary Katharine Goddard, born, 1738
Ford Motor Company incorporated, 1903
Civil War
Union thwarted at the Battle of Secessionville, 1862
Cold War
Russian ballet star Nureyev defects, 1961
SLA member captured after more than 20 years, 1999
Tsunami ravages Japanese coast, 1896
General Interest
Leader of Hungarian uprising executed, 1958
First woman in space, 1963
Brezhnev is Soviet president, 1977
Charlie Chaplin marries Oona O’Neill, 1943
James Joyce meets his future wife, Nora, 1904
Bob Dylan records "Like A Rolling Stone", 1965
Old West
Alaskan explorer Fred Fickett leaves Army, 1890
Lincoln warns that America is becoming a "house divided", 1858
Lee Trevino wins his first U.S. Open, 1968
Vietnam War
Kennedy agrees to send instructors to train troops, 1961
More troops to be sent to Vietnam, 1965
Communists isolate Phnom Penh, 1970
World War I
Battle of the Piave River, 1918
World War II
Marshal Petain becomes premier of occupied France, 1940

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1855 - About 200 French colonists arrived at the colony of La Réunion. The colony, on the south bank of the Trinity River in central Dallas County, only lasted about eighteen months before financial insolvency killed it.

1879 - The post office at Caddo Mills opened.

1892 - Ellen Schulz Quillin was born. She established the Witte Museum in San Antonio in 1926 and served as the museum’s first director.

2010 - Mother Mary Agnes Magevney joined the Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary's in Ohio. She later founded the Dominican Congregation of the Sacred Heart in Houston.


1567 - Mary, Queen of Scots, imprisoned for the first time.

1911 - What is to become IBM incorporated in New York as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co.

06-16-2012, 02:21 PM
Monday June 16 1862

Despite its name, the town of Secessionville, South Carolina had been in existence for many years before the War for Southern Independence. Its capture was important to the Federal effort to recapture Charleston Harbor. This cause suffered a major setback today when, completely against orders and all advice, Brig. Gen. H. W. Benham decided to assault the works from James Island. The attack failed utterly, his force of 6600 suffered over 700 casualties. Benham was soon relieved of command and forgotten.

Tuesday June 16 1863

Commanding general of the Army of the Potomac Joseph Hooker seemed to have no end of trouble figuring out where Robert E. Lee’s army was. It was no mystery to the citizens of the capital of Pennsylvania. Lee was clearly headed north, and Harrisburg decided to clear out. Every train was packed. Citizens loaded possessions into wagons and followed. Even the state government began packing state papers, books, paintings and other valuables to be evacuated.