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06-17-2012, 12:45 AM
Link (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/06/15/White-House-s-Embarrassing-Redo-Obama-s-Additions-to-Prez-Bios-Distanced)

A month ago, the President had his tech team add a little something to a host of past presidents' biographies on the official White House website, raising eyebrows across the country. At that time, team Obama thought it would be a great idea to add sections at the end of many presidential bios touting how great Obama is.

In an admission that they overstepped propriety – now that the outrage has died down – the White House web team has gone back into these pages and pulled the Obama horn tooting out of the bio proper and put them in a separate area.

In May, many Americans were aghast at the arrogance displayed by Obama for having the temerity to insert himself into so many bios of our illustrious past presidents. Obama added bits touting his own wonderful policy ideas into the bios of such presidents as Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, and many others.

Obama was widely criticized for the move, and the imprudence was said to have shored up the perception that Barack Obama is President Me, Me, Me. It all embarrassed the White House, as well it should. Even ABC News' Jake Tapper looked askance, saying that the additions are not "historical, but rather something else entirely."

That something else is arrogance.

GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney released a statement at the time slamming the president for his swelled-headed additions.

I do know that when the president ran, he said that this election would be the turning point, that the oceans would recede, that the world would shift because of him being in office. There seem to be people around him, as well as himself, who have a very grand view of what he will accomplish . . . and we’re still waiting to see that. I think the American people have been disappointed. The promises were grandiose and extraordinary, and the deliverables have been disappointing at best. I think it is one thing to try to rewrite your own history — it’s something different altogether to rewrite that of all your predecessors. . . . I can commit: I will not be trying to rewrite the biographies of former presidents.
Obviously, Obama was embarrassed by the whole incident, and this week the White House has moved to place a salve over that wound. Of course, Obama is not admitting just how wrong he was, and has not removed the horn-tooting entirely – not to mention quietly and without fanfare – in the hope no one notices.

Originally, the Obama notations were added right into the other presidential bios as an actual part of them. Now those plaudits have been removed from the bio proper and placed in a separate box at the bottom of the bio page, distancing the Obama laudations from the presidential bio pages on which they appear.

This, of course, is marginally better, but the fact that Obama went into these many bio pages at all to add his little campaign spiel is appalling, whether as a separate box or not. Especially since the chief reason for these bio pages is for school kids to use when looking up information about American history. Obama obviously aimed his self-back-patting at our kids.

It would be far better to remove this unnecessary campaign rhetoric entirely, certainly, but at least excising it from the actual bios was done. And so Obama sends another embarrassing message down the memory hole.
Obama is an amateur. It's blatantly obvious and he should be embarrassed but I bet he isn't.

06-17-2012, 12:58 AM
Link (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/06/15/White-House-s-Embarrassing-Redo-Obama-s-Additions-to-Prez-Bios-Distanced)

Obama is an amateur. It's blatantly obvious and he should be embarrassed but I bet he isn't.

Of course he isn't. In fact, he probably threw a hissy fit not understanding what all the hubub was.

06-17-2012, 12:01 PM
This vile POC aka Mr president, is not and will not be ashamed.He claims to be a Christian, and that is his most odious lie. My father taught me not to toot my own horn. O Blah Blah apparently didn't get this lesson from his Marxist fathers (Ayers, Wright, ET AL).

First, he failed to see the impropriety of putting or at least allowing his bio, which is most likely inflated beyond truth, into the others.
Second, he failed to immediately apologized for the juvenile error.
Third, he failed to remove entirely what should have been embarrassing.
Fourth, he wasn't remotely embarrassed by the inclusion of his bloviating, but rather by being caught.

This rank amateur needs to be soundly beaten in November.

06-17-2012, 01:21 PM
It's classic narcissism. Obama couldn't simply allow those other presidents to be remembered on their own merits, he had to show that he was the culmination of their policies. It's a reflection of his insecurity and deep down knowledge that he's a fraud.

This was something that would have been all over the media if Bush had done it, but the sycophancy of the leftist press is as extreme as Obama's self-absorption.

06-17-2012, 03:16 PM
I could not pass up the opportunity to speak out against the narcissistic clown who calls himself President.

06-17-2012, 04:41 PM
... the narcissistic clown who calls himself President.

"Calls himself President"? He is that.

He was elected by "us". About half of this country knows little about our govt and those they elect to run it. About half of this country has "better things to do" than to keep themselves informed about these things. About half of this country is driven by pop culture and motivated by a fringe leftist media, both of the "news" and "entertainment' variety.

Our society is devolving more and more into one that is dominated by moochers and looters (politicians). Primarily of looters and moochers with the producers on the outs. And this is the natural tendency of human nature. This is what the left "plays on". And this is the challenge conservatives must face or ... we lose it all.

In a way you could say we "got what we deserve". Sometimes I feel like the only answer is if terrorists were ever to set a dirty bomb off in the US, that I hope they start with DC. While our so called leaders are there. But I know that will never happen. And with leftists forever dominating "education" and the media I doubt the average voter will ever become "aware" except through "experience". So I guess we all have to go down the "rat hole" with the dummies before society retreats from its own secular narcissism.

06-17-2012, 05:02 PM
If it were to happen, the RATS are well known and will pay the penalty for inflicting their stupidity on the rest of us. Logic and common sense doesn't work on DIms, DUmmies, and other assorted leftist morons. A touch of vigilante justice is what they can look forward to.