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06-17-2012, 04:11 AM

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Exclusive: School Prohibits Fifth-Grader From Giving Speech On Same-Sex Marriage
Source: NY1

06/14/2012 10:31 PM
NY1 Exclusive: School Prohibits Fifth-Grader From Giving Speech On Same-Sex Marriage

A Queens fifth-grade student planned to give a speech about same-sex marriage for a school competition but his principal prohibited him, saying the speech was inappropriate. NY1's Ruschell Boone filed the following report.

Kameron Slade worked on his speech with his mother and his teacher after winning a class competition. He was slated to deliver it in a school-wide contest at PS 195.

That's no longer going to happen. His mother, who doesn't want to be identified, said the principal told her the topic is inappropriate.

"For him to be denied the right to voice his opinion really upsets me," she said.

DU's response: "Those fascist bastards shutting down free speech!!!!"



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Show's Over for Teen Who Said Obama Made His Friends Gay
There's no more show for the teenager who generated an outsized firestorm online by claiming President Obama had turned his friends gay.

The recording service Spreaker has shut down Caiden Cowger's online radio show after deeming it hate speech.

"We're really sorry, but the page you're looking for can't be found," a message on the site says in place of the show.

This follows after YouTube also appeared to remove the show from its site, although its resurfaced elsewhere on the site and opponents have started a red-flagging campaign.

DU's response #1: *crickets chirping*

DU's response #2: "Woo hoo!!! A victory against hate speech!!!"