View Full Version : Obama Briefed Calderon on Fast and Furious?

06-20-2012, 04:55 PM
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President Obama detailed the plans behind Fast and Furious to Mexican President Felipe Calderón. During a joint press conference in April 2009, Calderón specifically mentions reviewing the flows of gun traffic (tracking) from the United States to Mexico. President Calderón: President Obama has made recent decisions in the last few weeks, and we value them and appreciate them -- for example, to reinforce the operational capability of U.S. border agencies in order to comply with this legislation and with other laws, in order to review the flows of entry not only into the United States, but also the outgoing flows, outgoing from the U.S., to make sure that there is no illicit money, in strict compliance with United States legislation. I think these are very important steps.

Things that make you go hm.. Obama didn't know? Really?