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06-21-2012, 04:48 PM
1StrongBlackMan (976 posts)

An Overheard Conversation at the MSP Airport ... (http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002838836)

Yesterday, I was on a lay-over at the MSP Airport. Usually, I spend the time in the bar, drinking over-priced beer and people watching; but it was close to my flight time and all the bars were packed, so I headed to boarding area. That was packed too; but I was able to find a single seat, next to a late 20/early 30-something couple and their 4-ish son.

As I dove back into my Mother Jones Magazine, a 40-something, woman directly across from the family began talking to the little boy, who was chowing down on a Subway pizza. The father answered the woman by name, telling her that this was all his son had been eating for lunch, as he had been going to work with him for the past week, since his mom had been out of town interviewing.

The woman asked the mother how her job search was progressing. The mother responded that she had been out of town interviewing for teacher jobs ... she had been laid-off from her job of 5 years (somewhere in Wisconsin) and was having a tough time finding another job, despite having a Master's Degree and being certified to teach Elementary, Middle and High school Math and Science ... "I have looked at every school district in the state. School Districts just aren't hiring, anywhere! The only offer that I have received was from a charter school that wants to start me out at $18,000 per year. How can I make my loan payment on that? We still have to eat. If I had known the market would be so tough, I wouldn't have taken out all those loans."

The woman responded that she had gotten lucky ... she had been granted SSI (disability) just before her clerical support job with "the City" was eliminated.

Then, the woman asked the father how he was liking his new job ... apparently, he had recently been promoted to an "office job" position in a government agency. He loved it ... He no longer came home smelling of asphalt and sweat. Plus, his co-workers were all smart, hard working and conscientious, and they were all helpful and supportive as he got up to speed in his new position; "even though they're all members of the Union."

So, the woman asked how he likes Governor Walker? The father's face lit up saying how he loves the guy and supports everything he is doing and wished "all governors had the guts to do the same stuff."

(I Glanced up to see a 20-something woman sitting across from me go slack-jawed, as I could only imagine she was thinking what I was thinking ... "Wait a minute. You're a government worker, in a unionized job; your wife can't find a teaching job, despite being well prepared, and you're talking to a former government worker who is how receiving government assistance ... and you 'Love Walker?'" ... At this point, my magazine is down and I am openly listening to the conversation.)

So the woman asks, what the father thought about Rubio? She got a blank stare from the father. After she had to explain that Rubio was a potential candidate for the Republican VP spot, the father apologized and said that he was kind of out of the loop because he couldn't listen to the radio in the office and he was working long hours at the job because they were down 4 positions and were under a hiring freeze ... but the over-time really helped since his wife was out of work.

(This was met be eye rolling by, both, me and the 20-something)

So the woman asked about the president race, and the father got a disgusted look on his face as he said, "Anyone but Obama ... We've got to get that clown out of there before he destroys this country." The woman nodded and said, "Yup! romney was not my first or second choice, in fact, I really don't like the guy, but with his business experience, he'll be able to turn the economy around."

(That was it! I could stay silent, not a moment longer ...)

As I was opening my mouth to speak, the 20-something woman said, "Excuse me ... But I couldn't help over hear your conversation. Can I ask you guys a couple of questions?"



20-something Woman:

"Is the primary source of your income derived through investments?"


"Of course not ... I work and my wife is looking for work. That's why we've got to get that Obama guy out and take back America."

40-something Woman:

"Yeah ... Who has money to invest in this train-wreck of an economy?"

20-something Woman:

"So tell me ... what good will electing romney president do for you?"


"He has the business know how to create jobs."

40-something Woman:

"He's gonna taxes, cut government spending and repeal ObamaCare. Like my nephew just said, We've got to take back this country."

20-something Woman (to Wife):

"Who pays teachers? Who writes the check for your husband's job?"

40-something Woman and Father (in unison):

"We do ... the tax-payer!!!!"

20-something Woman:

"Exactly! Our tax dollar pays the teachers and government workers ... and romney wants to cut the government spending that pays your husband today; and, he wants to cut the taxes that will helped school districts employ teachers yesterday and would help them hire them tomorrow. So we know what cutting taxes and government spending looks like ... unemployed teachers and under-staffed government agencies. So, again, what good will electing romney president do for you?"

40-something Woman:

"But, Sweetie, you don't understand ... Government doesn't create jobs, private industry does. The government has to be small so that the private sector can create more jobs!"


"Yeah, you liberals are always demonizing the private-sector and looking for the government to save you. It's Obama's policies that are killing the private-sector's ability to create jobs."

20-Something Woman:

Okay ... Can we agree that the private-sector's goal is to create profit, not jobs; and, oftentimes, creating profits means cutting jobs? And even then, when the private-sector does create jobs, we know what that looks like, too; $18,000 a year for Masters degreed Math and Science teachers and no healthcare or pensions. And President Obama has nothing to do with that. But, that IS what romney did at Bain Capital? And, what Walker is doing in Wisconsin. So, again, what good will electing romney president do for you?"

(At this point, everyone within earshot is listening to the "debate", most are nodding in agreement and some are snickering.)

Father (now, red-faced and talking pretty loudly):

"See that's the problem with you liberals ... You always want someone else to give you free stuff."

20-something Woman (looking at Ms. 40-something):

"Free stuff like Disability and Medicaid?"

(Looking at the wife) "Free stuff like working hard for a living wage that will support your college loans AND allow you to eat, too? Free stuff like having confidence that at the end of your career, there will be a pension to support you and your family in your retirement? Well, they just called my flight so I'm gonna ask you one last time, what good will electing romney president do for you ... other than getting the Black guy out?"

(As this 20-something Woman gathered her stuff) Father (shouting):

"F@#%ing liberals! We should make a law so the brain-dead can't vote!"

To that, the 20-something smiled and said: "Now that we agree on. Enjoy your flight ... Enjoy your life."

And I, didn't even have to say a word!



Haven't done one of these in a while so I maybe a little rusty. But, this Bouncy meets 5 out of 7 of the bouncy story criteria. I'll leave the grading to you guys, but all in all a pretty good bouncy IMO.

What do y'all think?

06-21-2012, 06:16 PM
Pretty convenient that every place was "packed" so he was forced to sit directly next to a family with a little boy (aw, doesn't that just pull at your heart strings?). And, of course, the other people around suddenly get interested (when has anyone ever given a damn about what other people in the airport or any other place are talking about?) and start agreeing with Miss Liberal Superhero Woman. Stupid.

And notice: even if it were true, Miss Liberal Superhero Woman was the one who had to artificially inject the issue of race into the debate at the end. So tell me, who are the racist ones again?

06-21-2012, 08:17 PM
avebury (763 posts)

29. What is really sad is that everything that the 20 something woman said went right over their heads. I work for a state agency in a red state and know of state workers who are so anti-Obama and avid Republican/Tea Party people and don't get it that their beliefs are so anti the personal best interest.

DenverDad (329 posts)
33. If I read the OP correctly. . .

Three people living off the U.S. taxpayer can't wait to vote in the candidate who wants to cut the revenues that support their livelihood in order for 1% of Americans to be less encumbered by their tax burden?

They support the candidate who wants to cut programs that pay their salaries and/or disability in the name of "trimming the fat"?

I need a shower.

There you have it. Liberals define "own best interest" as freebies from the government and high paid government jobs without reguard to where the money will come from to pay for it, or how those who aren't on the dole will live........

To me.....that's the definition of SELFISHNESS.

When they talk about the "rich people" who have money......they claim that the money needs to be "redistributed" because there is only so much wealth and it isn't fair....................

But when it comes to the government giving out "free money" and spending money all of a sudden it's a bottomless pit with no end to the available money.

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Dammit! This stuff never happens to me!!!! :frown-new::biggrin-new:

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This stuff never happens.


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