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06-29-2012, 04:41 PM
Lead Story
U.S. space shuttle docks with Russian space station, 1995
American Revolution
South Carolina's Edward Rutledge opposes independence, 1776
Actress Jayne Mansfield dies in car crash, 1967
Civil War
Rebels inflict attack Yankees at the Battle of Savage's Station, 1862
Cold War
Congress votes new sanctions against China, 1989
Boston doctor found guilty of killing wife, 2001
Seoul department store collapses, 1995
General Interest
Germans advance in USSR, 1941
Vietnam air war escalates, 1966
Supreme Court strikes down death penalty, 1972
Isabela Peron takes office as Argentine president, 1974
Katharine Hepburn dies at age 96, 2003
The Globe Theater burns down, 1613
The Stones fight the law, and the law wins, 1967
Old West
Texan William Travis prepares for war with Mexico, 1835
FDR writes to Manhattan Project physicist Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, 1943
Pele helps Brazil to World Cup title, 1958
Vietnam War
First New Zealand troops arrive, 1964
U.S. ground troops return from Cambodia, 1970
World War I
Austria-Hungary protests shipment of U.S. munitions to Britain, 1915
World War II
Germans capture Lvov-and slaughter ensues, 1941


06-29-2012, 05:15 PM
1832 - In Velasco, Mexican forces surrended to Texans. On June 26, Texans that were transporting a cannon from Brazoria to Anahuac were challenged by Mexican forces.

1928 - In Houston, the Democratic National Convention concluded. It had started on June 26 and was the first nominating convention to be held in a Southern city since 1860.

1949 - The residents of Dalworthington Gardens petitioned to have their community incorporated as a town. The name Dalworthington Gardens is an admixture of the names of the three cities, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington.

2010 - The Dallas Stars announced that they would not offer Mike Modano a contract for the upcoming season. At the time Modano had not announced his decision about retiring or playing another season in the NHL.


Considering the news yesterday, guess we both had an excuse for missing.

06-29-2012, 11:56 PM
Sunday June 29 1862

The Seven Days Battle ground into its fifth day today with the Federal forces in retreat. The Union rear guard was protecting McClellan’s posterior as much as it was the armies. What was supposed to have been a clean sweep to Richmond was turning into yet another humiliation. Stonewall Jackson’s brigades, brought up in haste to join the campaign, did not make it to their assigned place in time. Had they arrived, the Army of the Potomac would have faced near annihilation. As it was, McClellan ordered that 2500 sick and wounded Union troops be abandoned at Savage's Station for fear they would slow down the retreat.