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06-29-2012, 05:30 PM


WTF?? Larry Brinkin arrested for child porn ...

Could his account have been hacked ?

if not what the h*ll is going on ... Sandusky ... this ... what are people thinking?

Oh, of course his account had to have been hacked! That's the only possible explanation! Let's count the mentions of hacking: 1.

GarroHorus (536 posts)
3. Twenty gazillion heterosexuals arrested with child porn and you hear nothing.

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Let one prominent gay activist be arrested and that's all the fucking media will talk about for a month.

No, actually, they will bury it like they buried the murder of young teenager Jesse Dirkhising at the hands of two gay men.

GarroHorus (536 posts)
6. For a few days

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The media will milk this. It's what the media does.

With any luck, his AOL account was hacked. It was an AOL account, after all.


cynatnite (25,476 posts)
4. From what this says, it's still early...

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There is not much info here.

I've sat on cases like these when I was on a grand jury and the ones they brought before us had extensive child pornography on hand and they had enormous amounts of evidence. The prosecutors wanted to make sure they would not walk.

I wouldn't jump the gun yet on this.

Translation: his goose is cooked, so shut up and stop embarrassing the rest of us with your denials.

Tarheel_Dem (14,244 posts)
10. I didn't know either, so I googled. Warning: I'd skip the comment section at the link. Ugh.


"The emails also contain graphic sexual and racist commentary, including, "I loved especially the n---er 2 year old getting nailed," as well as a rant about white supremacy".

This really doesn't smell right. This could be a setup. I can't believe that someone who's dedicated his entire life to human rights advocacy would have anything to do with white supremacists. It just doesn't fit. I think he's been targeted for a takedown.


Skittles (79,944 posts)
13. OK that sounds over the top RIDICULOUS

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I mean...please


LAGC (3,849 posts)
15. I agree, sounds like his account was hacked and someone is trying to frame him.

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And destroy his reputation in the process.

Despicable right-wing assholes... to sink that low as to plant illegal pornography.

Hope the Feds dig deeper and figure out the truth.


HiPointDem (2,946 posts)
17. does he have political enemies?

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i have thought for some time that there was something weird about the degree to which pedophilia is hyped in the media.

as it's a crime that inspires revulsion in most people, it's a crime that's ideal when you want to smear someone -- say "pedophile" & people are more inclined to get out the rope than examine the evidence too hard.

& so easy to plant evidence in the computer age.

we've already got someone in this thread calling for the head of this guy most of us hadn't heard of yesterday.

ideal for witchhunters & political assassins.


soc7 (48 posts)
16. Well... If he's guilty - fuck him!!!

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All this shit about "he's the victim...". If it's true, I hope they do the same as they do with all child pornographers and stuff him away somewhere in a little hole.

I have no sympathy for anyone that victimizes or abuses children. And I could give a flying fuck if it doesn't happen to fit my political leanings....

soc7 is dead meat.

06-30-2012, 01:08 PM
I know the left loves talking about the priests and alter boys, but this is just annoying. God does not say priests should be celibate, it used to have a different meaning than it does now; it's like God loves the Church, and a husband should love his wife the same, how could a priest possibly know how much God truly loves the Church if they're not allowed to marry. In my opinion I don't think Catholicism is a religion anymore, for one Roman Catholics were one of the groups to crucify Jesus, another is they have their own country and I'm pretty sure they believe only priests can talk directly to God only and that you have to ask for forgiveness through them.

Oh, wait, this was talking about how gays like little children; you know I wonder if those children were 14-15-16 and had consented to sex if the DUmmies would be calling HACKED, I mean everyone on the left thinks sex should be had before your married because constant heartbreak and depression puts a strain on marriage....

I think I figured out why the left wants kids to have sex! They know that sex creates bonds on a chemical and emotional level, when those bonds are broken it scars the heart and basically creates a void that can never be filled because sex ends up being entertainment instead of intimacy with a man and woman that care deeply about each other to get married.

Wow, I derailed this thread more than a goose tap dancing on the space needle....

This is what A.D.D looks like folks :biggrin-new: