View Full Version : Whistleblower Reveals Fraud In The IRS

07-04-2012, 12:56 PM
Link (http://strokesofcandor.com/the-watchdog/whistleblower-reveals-fraud-in-the-irs/)

This IRS whistleblower, Howard Antelis, says he got tired of reporting fraud to his managers and getting told to look the other way. The fraud deals mostly with illegals and other criminals signing up for ITINs (like social security numbers) to get tax credits that they arenít supposed to get, costing the tax payer over 4 billion every year. Antelis took his case to the Inspector General in Washington DC and they took immediate action and audited the IRS.


Thank God for people like Mr. Antelis who understands government is to be a steward of our tax dollars, not the free money machine Obama and his liberals have been peddling.
Video at link.