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07-13-2012, 12:53 PM

Libs Say the Darndest Things

In my never-ending effort to understand the liberal mind, I'm beginning to scribble down nutty sayings from the liberals I happen to run into. I call it Libs say the darnedest things.

This idea started for me a couple of weeks ago, when a lefty cat-lady (a big demographic) told me with a hypnotic stare, "There are no facts."

Wow. Floored in one. I was left gaga. Couldn't figure out what to say that would get through her concrete space helmet.

So I staggered off and had a drink.

This one has gone viral in the lefto-psychosphere. You get 2,560,000 google hits for "There are no facts."

Such little mindworms tell us about our age of ignorance and superstition.

Obama has contributed his own pearls to the genre, like "The private economy is doing fine" when unemployment is at 8.2%, about 7% of American workers are underemployed, and another big chunk are on permanent disability, making for about 20% of the work force not working.


The Bamster is an endless fountain of oddball quotes, and half the country doesn't notice anything wrong. At least Jimmy Carter got bitten by a killer rabbit.

Heard about Obama's Relativity Theory of the U.S. Constitution? It's really true.

A couple of years ago, the Washington Post boasted about Obama's brilliance as a student at Harvard Law. Just to prove the point, a WaPo reporter cited Professor Larry Tribe's thank-you footnote for Obama, in an article claiming that Einstein's Relativity Theory applies to the U.S. Constitution. It appears that constitutional time and space can be twisted around heavy objects, like the heavy-duty intellects of Barry and Larry, twin stars of the legal cosmos.

Or something.

Obama is pretty awful, but Joe Biden...well, that's shooting ducks in a pond.

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"Concrete space helmet".... thats a good one! :biggrin-new:

07-13-2012, 04:23 PM
One of the commenters posted this. It's absolutely brilliant:


I, Liberal

I'm sure that there could never be
A man as virtuous as me.
I've honed my precious self-esteem
In ways no common man could dream!
To feed my moral vanity,
I preen for all the world to see;
I thrust in everybody's face
The noble causes I embrace.
And lest there be the slightest doubt
That I'm no bitter, clinging lout,
The bumper stickers on my Volt
Affirm that I'm no right-wing dolt.
As these credentials will attest,
I am the brightest and the best --
And true to my enlightened soul,
Utopia shall be my goal!
The planet should be mine to run;
I know what's best for everyone.
My Nanny Squad will nag and scold,
Until the plebes do as they're told.
My Social Justice Ministry
Will outlaw inequality --
With good intent unwavering,
I'll redistribute everything!
I'll be obscenely generous
With subsidy and stimulus;
To fund my drunken spending sprees,
The fat cats' profits I will seize!
For those who fail, my heart will bleed,
But woe to those who dare succeed.
I vow to vanquish human greed --
To each according to his need!
There'll be no want, there'll be no war,
My Welfare Corps will feed the poor.
There'll be no limit to my grace,
When I control the human race!
I'll heal the Earth, I'll low'r the Seas,
My Healthcare Force will smite disease --
And all will rightly worship me,
The Savior of Humanity!

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