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07-14-2012, 08:52 PM
Lead Story
French revolutionaries storm Bastille, 1789
American Revolution
Sedition Act becomes federal law, 1798
"Father of Streamlining" Raymond Loewy dies, 1986
Civil War
Confederates defeated at the Battle of Tupelo, 1864
Cold War
Rupture between USSR and China grows worse, 1963
Billy the Kid is shot to death, 1881
A mass murderer leaves eight women dead, 1966
Claudette crashes into Texas coast, 2003
General Interest
Jerusalem captured in First Crusade, 1099
Influential Swedish director Ingmar Bergman born, 1918
Byron returns to England after a two-year trip, 1811
A revolutionary new technology is christened "MP3", 1995
Old West
Gunfighter John Ringo found dead, 1882
Future President Gerald R. Ford is born, 1913
Hank Aaron hits 500th homer, 1968
Vietnam War
North Vietnamese regulars are fighting in South Vietnam, 1964
Clifford visits South Vietnam, 1968
World War I
Quentin Roosevelt killed, 1918
World War II
Carl Spaatz dies, 1974

07-14-2012, 09:06 PM
1805 - Charlotte Allen was born. She is known as the "Mother of Houston." Her and her brothers bought land along Buffalo Bayou to establish the town in 1836.

1879 - The state of Texas authorized selling state land for fifty cents an acre to reduce public debt and to pay into the Permanent School Fund. The Fifty Cent Act was repealed on January 22, 1883 due to fraudulent speculation in the land.

1890 - The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway (SA&AP) went into receivership. In 1934, 819 miles of SA&AP track were merged into the Texas and New Orleans Railroad Company.

1967 - Eddie Mathews (Houston Astros) hit his 500th career home run.

07-15-2012, 12:17 AM
1967 - Eddie Mathews (Houston Astros) hit his 500th career home run.
Holy crap, Matthews played that long? He is one of the few who were a member of the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. And he hit his 500th off of another hall of famer, Juan Marichal.

Gunfighter John Ringo found dead, 1882