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07-23-2012, 08:13 PM
Link (http://www.s2ssbikeride.org/jsnodgrass)

What a blast!

Jonathan Snodgrass

Jonathan Snodgrass lives in Dover NH with his two house cats, Babygirl and Jefferson. With the full support and encouragement of his friends and family, he will leave his cats behind this summer as he participates in the 2012 Sea to Shining Sea ride.

A participant of the Wounded Warrior Projectís Soldier Ride in Washington, D.C., Jonathan was inspired by his ďbrothers and sistersĒ in the ride to actively pursue fitness through bicycling. Riding his mountain bike around his Dover neighborhood, Jonathan also uses his elliptical and treadmill to keep in shape. Visiting his local shooting range regularly, he maintains his shooting skills.

During his 12 years with the New Hampshire Army National Guard, Jonathan served in Iraq in 2005-2006, where his patrol was hit by a roadside bomb. He was awarded the Purple Heart, but volunteered to stay and finish his tour. In 2010, he was on patrol in Afghanistan, where his team was hit by another roadside bomb. As a result of the attacks, he developed PTSD. Currently, he is working to overcome this through vigourous physical activity and exercise.

Although others have on occasion told him he canít do something, Jonathan reports he takes that declaration as inspiration to succeed at his task. With personal determination and will power, he works until he overcomes the challenge. Riding across the country will provide him with the opportunity to not only improve his physical fitness, but to also spend time with other former and active duty military members.