View Full Version : Obama Is Right: His Plan Is Working

08-16-2012, 04:06 AM
His plan is to fundamentally change America. Well, isn't he?

08-16-2012, 04:10 AM
He has changed some things, but I think he's forgetting something very important this election, small business owners. His numbers are way down among them and he seems perfectly clueless as to why, or maybe he doesn't care. Obamacare and higher taxes on the "rich" (small business owners fall into that category because most make over $250k) are his downfall.

Obamacare has been implemented here and there, but we can stop it in November, hopefully retracting what's been put in place and round filing the rest.

08-16-2012, 09:31 AM
Is Obama changing America?
Yes. For right now, I think he is.

08-16-2012, 12:47 PM
Is Obama changing America?
Yes. For right now, I think he is.

And in no way for the good....

08-16-2012, 12:52 PM
Benedict O Barry

08-16-2012, 02:08 PM
And in no way for the good....

That's true, too. But good things may come out of it. History may find that we came closer to total socialistic disaster under Obama than any time before, and as a result we may repeal all the horse shit programs all the way back to Lyndon Johnson.

Imagine: Poor people will actually be poor unless they work. Working people will get to keep what they earned.

It makes me drool....
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08-16-2012, 11:51 PM
Worth noting........


On March 9, Brannon Howse of Worldview Radio interviewed author James Simpson. Entitled “Barack Obama is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose,” Howse’s interview of Simpson concentrated on Columbia University professors Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven who wrote an article in 1966 for The Nation magazine. “The article was published on May 2, 1966 and laid out what is now known as the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’. The plan calls for the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions,” explains a synopsis on the Worldview Radio website. “Cloward and Piven studied Saul Alinsky just like Hillary Clinton and President Obama.”

08-17-2012, 12:11 AM
Sone people say that Hillary would be better than Barack. I'm not sure---think she's actually cut out of the same cloth in her basic economic views. She was a radical way back when. She was a student of Saul Alinsky, the same as Baracky. She's just more subtle in her beliefs, but probably the end result would be the same.

Barack didn't really disguise his intentions. He promised us hope (which he hasn't delivered) and change, which he's already done. But hold on for a bumpy ride if he's reelected. At that point who knows what anyone having any wealth left should do to preserve it.

Here's hoping that we can depend on the American people to transcend the handouts and vote their conscience.