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08-16-2012, 11:36 AM
Lead Story
Gold discovered in the Yukon, 1896
American Revolution
Continentals routed at Camden, South Carolina, 1780
Los Angeles jury clears John Z. DeLorean of drug charges, 1984
Civil War
Confederate General John Chambliss is killed, 1864
Cold War
Paul Robeson loses appeal over his passport, 1955
Auto exec DeLorean cleared in drug-trafficking case, 1984
Plane crashes into highway, 1987
General Interest
Detroit surrenders without a fight, 1812
Babe Ruth dies, 1948
Moroccan king survives attack by own air force, 1972
Elvis Presley dies, 1977
Madonna born, 1958
Poet Charles Bukowski is born, 1920
The Ramones play their first public gig at CBGB's in downtown Manhattan, 1974
Old West
George Carmack discovers Klondike gold, 1896
Tyler is burned in effigy outside White House, 1841
Batter sustains fatal injury at plate, 1920
Vietnam War
General Khanh ousts General Minh as chief of state, 1964
Congress investigates antiwar demonstrators, 1966
Tonkin Gulf Resolution challenged, 1967
Heavy air attacks on North Vietnam, 1972
World War I
Battle of Langemarck, 1917
World War II
Senior U.S. POW is released, 1945

08-16-2012, 01:08 PM
1828 - John McMullen and James McGloin received a contract from the Mexican government authorizing an assigned territory along the left bank of the Nueces River. In 1831, the town was laid out and named San Patricio de Hibernia (St. Patrick of Ireland).

1931 - The largest recorded earthquake to date in Texas occurred near Valentine in Jeff Davis County. The quake measured 6.0 on the Richter Scale.

08-16-2012, 05:25 PM
The 1987 plane crash was horrible. It was my first summer living in metro Detroit. The local media has been covering it pretty extensively this week, and they did an interview with Cecilia, the 4 year old girl who survived the crash. She has turned out to be a beautiful and sweet young woman. It means a lot to the families who lost members in the crash to see that the child who survived is a healthy and happy young lady.

I didn't witness the crash, but I had a friend at the time who did. She and her husband were driving on I-94, about 2 miles west of the crash site at the time the plane crashed into Middlebelt Road. She said they could see the fireball, and that it was terrifying.