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Today in History
August 21
1129 The warrior Yoritomo is made Shogun without equal in Japan.
1525 Estavao Gomes returns to Portugal after failing to find a clear waterway to Asia.
1794 France surrenders the island of Corsica to the British.
1808 Napoleon Bonaparte's General Junot is defeated by Wellington at the first Battle of the Peninsular War at Vimiero, Portugal.
1831 Nat Turner leads a slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia that kills close to 60 whites.
1858 The first of a series of debates begins between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. Douglas goes on to win the Senate seat in November, but Lincoln gains national visibility for the first time.
1863 Confederate raiders under William Quantrill strike Lawrence, Kansas, leaving 150 civilians dead.
1864 Confederate General A.P. Hill attacks Union troops south of Petersburg, Va., at the Weldon railroad. His attack is repulsed, resulting in heavy Confederate casualties.
1915 Italy declares war on Turkey.
1942 U.S. Marines turn back the first major Japanese ground attack on Guadalcanal in the Battle of Tenaru.
1944 The Dumbarton Oaks conference, which lays the foundation for the establishment of the United Nations, is held in Washington, D.C.
1945 President Harry S. Truman cancels all contracts under the Lend-Lease Act.
1959 Hawaii is admitted into the Union.
1963 The South Vietnamese Army arrests over 100 Buddhist monks in Saigon.
1968 Soviet forces invade Czechoslovakia because of the country's experiments with a more liberal government.
1996 The new Globe theater opens in England.

Born on August 21
1798 Jules Michelet, French historian who wrote the 24-volume Historie de France.
1904 William "Count" Basie, American band leader and composer.
1936 Wilt Chamberlin, four-time MVP for the National Basketball Association and only player to score 100 points in a professional basketball game.
1938 Kenny Rogers, country singer.


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1856 - Camp Lancaster became Fort Lancaster.

1874 - Fannie May Hughes was born in Houston County. She became a journalist for the Houston Post and wrote The History of the Texas Women’s Press Association.

1876 - The Texas legislature created the current panhandle county boundaries.

1954 - In Gladewater, TX, Elvis Presley performed his first show outside Tennessee.

1968 - Near Ben Cui, Vietnam, Staff Sgt. Marvin Young was killed while covering his men with a critical head injury. His parents were awarded a Medal of Honor on April 7, 1970, by President Richard Nixon.

2009 - The Dallas Cowboys played their first game at their new stadium in Arlington, TX. During the preseason game, against the Tennessee Titans, the Titans' kicker hit the scoreboard hanging in the center of the stadium.