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Today in History
August 29

70 The Temple of Jerusalem burns after a nine-month Roman siege.
1526 Ottoman Suleiman the Magnificent crushes a Hungarian army under Lewis II at the Battle of Mohacs.
1533 In Peru, the Inca chief Atahualpa is executed by orders of Francisco Pizarro, although the chief had already paid his ransom.
1776 General George Washington retreats during the night from Long Island to New York City.
1793 Slavery is abolished in Santo Domingo.
1862 Union General John Pope's army is defeated by a smaller Confederate force at the Second Battle of Bull Run.
1882 Australia defeats England in cricket for the first time. The following day a obituary appears in the Sporting Times addressed to the British team.
1942 The American Red Cross announces that Japan has refused to allow safe conduct for the passage of ships with supplies for American prisoners of war.
1945 U.S. airborne troops are landed in transport planes at Atsugi airfield, southwest of Tokyo, beginning the occupation of Japan.
1952 In the largest bombing raid of the Korean War, 1,403 planes of the Far East Air Force bomb Pyongyang, North Korea.
1992 Thousands of Germans demonstrate against a wave of racist attacks aimed at immigrants.

Born on August 29
1632 John Locke, philosopher of liberalism whose ideas influenced the American founding fathers, famous for his treatise An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.
1809 Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., poet, essayist and father of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
1898 Preston Sturges, screenwiter, film director and playwright.
1915 Ingrid Bergman, Oscar winning actress famous whose films include Casablanca and Anastasia.
1920 Charlie "Bird" Parker, self-taught jazz saxophonist, pioneer of the new "cool" movement.
1924 Dinah Washington, singer known in the 50s as "Queen of the Harlem Blues."
1927 Marion Williams, gospel singer.
1958 Michael Jackson, pop singer, entertainer


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1845 - The convention that approved the joint resolution of the United States Congress proposing the annexation of the Republic of Texas adjourned. They also drafted an Annexation Ordinance and State Constitution to submit to the voters of Texas.

1856 - The Houston Academy was chartered. The prominent antebellum school eventually became known as the Clopper Institute.

1908 - In Antioch, TX, Country Music Hall of Fame musician Alton Stricklin was born.

1935 - Musician Bob Wills, known for his Texas-style western swing, offered jazz pianist Al Strickland $30 a week to play with his band the Texas Playboys.

2001 - In Dallas, TX, George Rivas was sentenced to death for the murder of a police office during a robbery. Rivas was the leader of a group of prison escapees referred to as the "Texas."