View Full Version : Punk'd: DNC Convention Visitors Scoop? Up MRC Goof 'Journalists For Obama' T-Shirts

09-05-2012, 12:14 PM
Link (http://mrctv.org/videos/punkd-dnc-convention-visitors-scoff-mrc-goof-journalists-obama-t-shirts)

As we all know, journalists should not take sides. Reality is another thing, so the MRC created "Journalists for Obama" spoof t-shirts. The irony is many didn't seem to get the joke as evidenced by how quickly a DNC Convention zombie hoarde scoffed up the couple dozen or so given out for free by the MRC field team in Charlotte.
Funny video at link.

Sidebar: is 'scoffed' the right word?

09-05-2012, 12:39 PM
Yes, it can be either "scoffed" or "scarfed."

Definition of SCARF
1 : scoff 1 <scarfed down my sandwich>
2 : snap 2 <scarfed up the best seats>

Definition of SCOFF
1 : to eat greedily <scoffed dinner>
2 : seize —often used with up <scoffed up the free gifts>

Might be a regional thing.

09-15-2012, 12:40 AM
Wow, look at them swarm when they see a free handout.