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09-22-2008, 07:33 PM
Another one circles the drain and get's flushed...

rainydaywoman14 (19 posts) Mon Sep-22-08 04:51 PM
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Please clue in a newbie to this forum!
What is that blazing animated sign by some posts? My brilliant deduction is that it has to do with active threads, but sometimes I see action on threads w/o this flaming sign. And there is no info that I have seen about this.

Another question: according to DU rules, this board is specifically for Dems, yet I have read a poster's response that there are Independents, Repubicans...Is anyone on here anything but a Democrat?

A lot of the replies are nice enough, but, it being DU, that doesn't last long.

Midlodemocrat (1000+ posts) Mon Sep-22-08 04:56 PM
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4. If you want people not to think you're a troll, enable your profile.
It might not seem like a lot, but this site has been inundated lately with trolls and that is one of the first signs.

uppityperson (1000+ posts) Mon Sep-22-08 05:54 PM
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50. Pizza delivered

rainydaywoman14 (19 posts) Mon Sep-22-08 05:12 PM
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30. Hey there, I have a good sense of humor--trust me
I just wish that others on DU had one,too. Some seem to, but I have seen way too many people who read hostility into innocent remarks and it disappoints me to no end.

rainydaywoman14 (19 posts) Mon Sep-22-08 05:11 PM
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29. Thanks for the info and one more question for you as an Independent
You mentioned the phrase 'support Dems' and to be frank, that makes me nervous. Because it would seem to me that the correct attitude would be to support Dems when they do the right thing and only then! And in disagreeing with the Democratic party, does that really make us unsupportive? Or are we fighting for what is healthy and correct for this party?

And that'll about do it.

cbayer (1000+ posts) Mon Sep-22-08 06:19 PM
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75. Locking
This particular newbie is no longer with us.

DU Moderator

Typical. Disgustingly fascist, yet typical for DU :rolleyes:


09-22-2008, 09:52 PM
Poor trolling...I could have gotten much farther. :D

09-22-2008, 10:27 PM
Truth2Tell Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Sep-22-08 04:22 PM
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36. You can disagree with Dems
and the Democratic Party plenty and still stay here - God knows I do. But if you openly support the political opposition you will disappear. Constructive criticism is no problem - it makes us stronger. And a little juvenile mockery is often fun as well. :P

Looks like Truth2Tell was badly mistaken. The newbie got TS'd for merely asking if you can disagree with the Democratic party.

Dan D. Doty
09-22-2008, 10:52 PM
The hive doesn't like free minds it seems :rolleyes:

Keep your powder dry.