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Today in History
September 19
1356 In a landmark battle of the Hundred Years' War, English Prince Edward defeats the French at Poitiers.
1544 Francis, the king of France, and Charles V of Austria sign a peace treaty in Crespy, France, ending a 20-year war.
1692 Giles Corey is pressed to death for standing mute and refusing to answer charges of witchcraft brought against him. He is the only person in America to have suffered this punishment.
1777 American forces under Gen. Horatio Gates meet British troops led by Gen. John Burgoyne at Saratoga Springs, NY.
1783 The first hot-air balloon is sent aloft in Versailles, France with animal passengers including a sheep, rooster and a duck.
1788 Charles de Barentin becomes lord chancellor of France.
1841 The first railway to span a frontier is completed between Stousbourg and Basle, in Europe.
1863 In Georgia, the two-day Battle of Chickamauga begins as Union troops under George Thomas clash with Confederates under Nathan Bedford Forrest.
1893 New Zealand becomes the first nation to grant women the right to vote.
1900 President Loubet of France pardons Jewish army captain Alfred Dreyfus, twice court-martialed and wrongly convicted of spying for Germany.
1918 American troops of the Allied North Russia Expeditionary Force receive their baptism of fire near the town of Seltso against Soviet forces.
1948 Moscow announces it will withdrawal soldiers from Korea by the end of the year.
1955 Argentina's President Juan Peron is overthrown by rebels.
1957 First underground nuclear test is takes place in Nevada.
1985 An earthquake kills thousands in Mexico City.

Born on September 19
1894 Rachel Field, novelist and playwright who wrote All This and Heaven Too and And Now Tomorrow.
1904 Bergen Evans, educator and author who wrote Dictionary of Contemporary American Usage.
1911 William Golding, novelist best known for Lord of the Flies.
1915 Elizabeth Stern, Canadian pathologist who first published a case report linking a specific virus to a specific cancer.


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1846 - The last issue of the La Grange Intelligencer was published.

1863 - In Georgia, the two-day battle of Chickamauga began. The battle included Hood's Texas Brigade and Terry's Texas Rangers.

1864 - Florence Thornton Butt was born. Her Kerrville grocery store led to her son's development of the H-E-B grocery store chain.

1942 - Del Valle Army Air Base was activated. On November 11, 1943, the base was renamed Bergstrom Field.

2005 - Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith were inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

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1692 Giles Corey is pressed to death...Dude Wait What.

I have to go innerwebz searching now. I think this is something we might want to bring back. :biggrin-new: