View Full Version : Gay man training for lay clergy 'bullied by sex obsessed female manager'

06-10-2008, 09:36 PM
A gay man training to become a member of the lay clergy quit his job at a church college after he was bullied by his "sex obsessed" female manager, a tribunal has heard.

"I was bullied consistently for no other reason than my sexuality, daily having to put up with either being referred to as a poof or having her talk of homosexuality or sex," the philosophy graduate told the employment tribunal in Cardiff.

"Every conversation would somehow end up being a conversation about sex. I asked for a big ruler and she responded: "Ooh, you like them big do you?" in obvious reference to a man's penis size.

"This happened continuously and was part of her repertoire.

"Another double entendre related to an upcoming talk by a minister. Mair referred to this talk not as "Receive My Peace" but as "Receive My Piece."

Mr Price, of Clydach, south Wales, said he was delighted to get a place at the 250-year-old Trefeca College run by the Presbyterian Church near Aberhonddu in Powys.

The 37-bed centre - first set up as a Christian community in 1752 - is run as a religious retreat and conference centre to "deepen understanding of the Christian faith among church members".

But Mr Price said Mrs Jones took every opportunity to taunt him about sex, even when they were away from the college on day trips to the surrounding countryside.

"Mair delighted in telling me about the local landmark called Lord Hereford's Knob and about a village called Three Cocks and how funny this was," he told the tribunal.