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10-19-2012, 06:07 PM
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Fri Oct 19, 2012, 04:56 PM

Speculation. On mitt Romney

Ann Romney has said now twice that she stabilizes her husband

One of the young men who are his sons sad dad can be a lot to handle. I am paraphrasing him here.

While most of you speculate that he's nuts. (tired of that shit on both sides), here is what realistically might be going on. Traumatic Brain Injury. I am inferring this, and only as a possibility, I have no way to prove it, neither do you, from the fact that he was in a car crash where he lost consciousness.

TBI is the signature injury from the two current wars. The diagnosis did not exist back in the day. Chances are he was diagnosed as having suffered a concussion.

Poor impulse control is part of the syndrome. Problems with gait, yup he walks funny, is another.

There is a long list of shit that goes with it.

I also realize we all want to see the other side as evil. (Tired of that shit, both sides do it).

There is more than enough on his policy possitions, gaffes and flip flops. There is really no need to "medicalize" the enemy, which is exactly what is going on here...it is very dangerous. I do not care if this is the right talking of sick willy or this.

As to the personality, yup, alpha with aspects of narcissism and self centered. GASP! Who do you think runs for President? All political leaders around the world have aspects of this, some more than others. I believe his particular combo is also heavily authoritarian. That scares me, but will not go as far as to page Doctor Freud.

Suffice it to say, you are busy creating the other, and this is a very dangerous development.

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6. Please. Nadin is never wrong. n/tHa!

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4. What a pompous and hypocritical OP!

Just unfuckingreal in it's lameness.Ha! Ha!


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