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10-20-2012, 06:04 PM
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LOLOLOL The left can dish it out but they can't take it. They can be as mean, snarky and vile as they want to.......but if someone "insults" THEIR PRESIDENT (by THEIR definition), watch out.....they're OFFENDED!!

warrprayer (383 posts)

I was DISTURBED by Romney at the Al Smith Dinner

It seemed to me that his "jokes" were extremely nasty and weren't meant to be funny so much as actual attacks, and the loud cheering from his crowd seemed amplified, compared to Obamas much more good natured jokes and gentle laughter from his supporters. I came out of my chair with the insult to the First Lady when he said Obama had "Bill Clinton to turn to". I said out loud, for Chrissakes, man, he just insulted your WIFE! WALK THE FUCK OUT NOW"! But no, Obama came on with very bland gentlemanly barbs. Am I wrong? Did anyone else hear this the same way I did? If I'm wrong please correct me. But it seemed to me that to Romney and his crowd that this was not about what this dinner is supposed to stand for, it was used as a vicious attack on the President.

ProudProgressiveNow (532 posts)

1. Mitt was more vicious..

Obama took mild pokes at Romney. Thin skins can't take it when someone takes mild pokes at them or "their president" so they define it as "vicious".

kentuck (63,552 posts)

5. I thought similarly...

The "jokes" he made about Clinton, Biden, The "O" with $16 trillion dollar debt were not funny. He took it as an opportunity to attack his opponent under the guise of humor. But who was surprised? That is who he is : an aggressive, asshole bully.
The truth hurts.

LibGranny (316 posts)

12. rMoney wanted to get his nasty barbs in while he could, and yes, I thought

the repugs were too happy about it! I appreciate that our President is a man of gentle nature and good humor!

By the way, has anyone else noticed all of the low post count commenters at DU? Lots and lots of them. I wonder how many are Obama Admin people making sure the "base" stays riled up, and to disseminate blatent lies about Romney and lies to defend Obama.
warrprayer (383 posts)

15. could you imagine if it had been Bush

and Obama would have directed such an insult to Laura? I truly believe Bush would have walked out with his entourage. But, it is "O.K." to insult this President because he is black. It was for me another "You lie"! moment. The proper move, for any other President, would have been for him to turn and whisper to the Secret Service to remove the asshole from the room. Seeing Obama kick Romneys ass all over the floor in the last debate was balm for my soul.
ing Obama.Stoking the racism card. So liberals continually insulted President Bush because he was white? Sounds racist to me, if you go by DU's "definition" of racism.

onecent (2,829 posts)

31. I definitely noticed the approval from the audience for Romney and I was

quite taken aback from it....I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WATCH TV AT ALL I will take out cable if
Romnuts wins.....

EmeraldCityGrl (3,863 posts)

32. The First Lady was not present and for good reason.

Obama knows what to expect from this slimeball. He would not let Michelle be
exposed to it. Obama came off so much more polished and above the fray.

Earlier in the day I thought I heard the Bishop make public that there were
requests to uninvited Obama. If that is true, the Bishop is as big a slimeball
for making that public.

Katie Couric sure seemed to enjoy it. But then, her career is pretty
much over. No one is watching that awful new talk show she's on.
What will they give her next to fail at.

10-20-2012, 07:04 PM
When I watched Romney's Al Smith Dinner speech I caught myself thinking , With a Little practice and polish MR could be a satirical Comedian. A lot of his playful jabs were subtle yet piercing at the same time with just the right delivery.

Couple of Obama's weren't so bad either.