View Full Version : The Obama Campaign DID in fact take out a $15 million Bank of America loan!

10-20-2012, 06:37 PM
link (http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021588788)

Someone posts something "negative" about Obama and the attackers are off and running!!

flyguyjake (474 posts)

The Obama Campaign DID in fact take out a $15 million Bank of America loan!

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Or is this yet another Repuke spin?

When I search "DNC $15 million loan" you get Obama borrowed or DNC borrowed. Which is it? or is it a lie?

It appears that all the websites are Repuke related!

*** ADDED ****

Thank you to all who decided to bash me in this thread when in fact it WAS TRUE! Here's the loan directly from the FEC!


Some of you seriously need to check your attitudes at the door before you attack on command! Think twice before you bash me next time! Now who's the FREEP'n TROLL!

1. Yes, they needed it to cover up Benghazi, which is worse than Watergate so sez that cross-eyed MF

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Ron Christie... Thats of course in addition to the $5,000,000 spent on keeping those college transcripts secret. But of course you new that!!!

It is not called spin, its called LIES...

Go back to Fucking Freeperville my friend...

cry baby (4,746 posts)

2. You prolly shouldn't bring bat shit crazy winger propaganda here. nt

flyguyjake (474 posts)

12. Actually I don't

Why don't you go back and read the threads I've started. Try again!

This website isn't for the bashing of members. It's for the sharing of information and opinions. I'm sorry if you don't always agree with my viewpoints, but that's why this very website exists. To hear others view points.

What's sad is that you and other members choose to reply with name calling, put downs and personal attacks. You're essentially bullying other members.

It's a shame when some of my fellow Democrats choose to resort to Republicans tactics against their own.
ohheckyeah (4,888 posts)

13. Actually theh website exists to support

Democratic candidates. If you know that posting this kind of thing is going to be met with negative comments, try not posting Republican talking points.
BlueInPhilly (407 posts)

16. That's totally uncalled for

Why are you bashing people who tell what you don't want to hear? It's true, the Obama campaign borrowed $15MM from BofA. Just saw it on MSNBC.

And before you bash me too, I've been here since 2005.

flyguyjake (474 posts)

17. See this is exactly my point!!!

Thank you for speaking up on this.

Here's what's really sad. I saw this on the NEWS. I was concerned so I brought the question here. Rather than everyone bash me for it, the very first post could have simply been -"Naw don't believe that, it's another Republican lie". The thread could have been done at that point. But no, people continue to post negative, sharped tongued jabs. Where does that get anyone? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Does it contribute in a positive fashion to the thread? NO

I seriously don't know why I just don't give up on this forum. I've been attacked several times as a troll or freeper simply because I'm a new member with under 1K posts. Doesn't EVERYONE start at ZERO???

Oh and BTW here's the fucking link to the LOAN! Directly from the Federal Election Commission! So Freep on that!


10-20-2012, 07:12 PM
OldDem2012 (785 posts)

37. You wouldn't have gotten the flak if you had done your research first....

...and posted what you found out. Instead, you stirred the pot and now you want everyone who "hurt" your feelings to apologize. Get real, this is a political message board. Quit whining and move on to your next thread.

So the Obama Campaign took out a loan? So what? What's your point? They all take out loans at this point in the campaign for major contingencies as needed.

And flyguyjake deletes his OP. They are vicious over there.

flyguyjake (477 posts)

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:rotfl: Poor kid...

10-20-2012, 09:13 PM
First Commandment at The Dump: Thou shalt not expose other Dummies to truth.