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Today in History
October 26
1774 The first Continental Congress, which protested British measures and called for civil disobedience, concludes in Philadelphia.
1795 When General Paul Barras resigns his commission as head of France's Army of the Interior to become head of the Directory, his second-in-command becomes the army's commander-Napoleon Bonaparte.
1825 The first boat on the Erie Canal leaves Buffalo, N.Y.
1881 Three Earp brothers and Doc Holliday have a shootout with the Clantons and McLaurys at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona Territory.
1905 Norway signs a treaty of separation with Sweden. Norway chooses Prince Charles of Denmark as the new king; he becomes King Haakon VII.
1918 Germany's supreme commander, General Erich Ludendorff, resigns, protesting the terms to which the German Government has agreed in negotiating the armistice. This sets the stage for his later support for Hitler and the Nazis, who claim that Germany did not lose the war on the battlefield but were "stabbed in the back" by politicians.
1942 Japanese attack Guadalcanal, sinking two U.S. carriers.
1942 U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Hornet is sunk in the Battle of Santa Cruz Island, in the South Pacific.
1950 A reconnaissance platoon for a South Korean division reaches the Yalu River. They are the only elements of the U.N. force to reach the river before the Chinese offensive pushes the whole army down into South Korea.
1955 The Village Voice is first published, backed in part by Norman Mailer.
1957 The Russian government announces that Marshal Georgi Zhukov, the nation's most prominent military hero, has been relieved of his duties as Minister of Defense. Khrushchev accused Zhukov as promoting his own "cult of personality" and saw him as a threat to his own popularity.
1958 The first New York Paris transatlantic jet passenger service is inaugurated by Pan Am, while the first New York London transatlantic jet passenger service is inaugurated by BOAC.
1970 Gary Trudeau's comic strip Doonesbury first appears.

Born on October 26
1800 Count Helmuth Karl Von Moltke, a Prussian Field Marshal, whose reorganization of the Prussian Army lead to military victories which allowed the unification of Germany.
1854 Charles William Post, food manufacturer, creator of "Grape Nuts" and "Post Toasties."
1879 Leon Trotsky, a leader of the Bolshevik Revolution.
1901 Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer.
1902 Beryl Markham, aviator and writer.
1916 French leader Francois Mitterrand.
1919 Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, the Shah of Iran who was overthrown in 1979 and died in Egypt
1944 Pat Conroy, novelist (The Prince of Tides).
1947 Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Senator from New York and former First Lady.


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1849 - About five miles east of present day Gatesville, Camp Gates was established by Captain William R. Montgomery. It was closed in 1852 after the Indian threat had been removed.

1886 - The first Dallas Exposition opened in Fair Park in east Dallas. The site was later used to host the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition. The Dallas Exposition eventually merged with the Texas State Fair and later became known as the State Fair of Texas.

1930 - In Dallas' Fair Park, the first football game was played at the Cotton Bowl. The Southern Methodist Mustangs beat the Indiana Hoosiers 27-0.

1944 - Horace S. Carswell, Jr. died in China when his B-24 crashed into a mountain. He was later awarded a Medal of Honor for giving "his life...to save all members of his crew" and for "sacrifice far beyond that required of him." In 1948 Fort Worth Army Airfield was renamed Carswell Air Force Base.

1960 - The American League awarded an expansion franchise to Washington, DC, following transfer of Calvin Griffith's franchise to Minnesota. This franchise eventually became the Texas Rangers.

2001 - It was announced that Fort Worth's Lockheed Martin won a defense contract for $200 billion over 40 years. The contract, for the "joint strike fighter," was the largest defense contract in history.