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There is much to be said about a community organizer in action.

Understanding the dynamics of what makes a community work is more than political gamesmanship.

3. Yes! They've called Obama that with a sneer, but now the value of the experience is plain.What experience? Being able to show up after the fact and shake the hand of a real leader (Christie) that got the job done. Barry is constantly late to the party. He is the greatest Monday Morning Quarterback I've ever seen.


8. I always have argued that was good experience

for qualifying for this job. Better than running a company, because it involves dealing with disparate people.Yes, getting a pothole fixed for someone qualifies you for the economic policies that are so desperately needed to halt our country from falling into bankruptcy.


13. Absolutely

It is also involves getting down in the trenches. The thing romney actually could have done is he could have called the president and said "let's get off the campaign trail for this. I've got a mini national guard- five sons and myself. What does my country need?" Or he could have (since he was so capable when the olympics needed to be save) set up a supplemental organization to the red cross.
I'm pretty sure Chris Christie noticed that he didn't do what he could have done.WTF. The national media and you chastised Romney for collecting supplies for hurricane relief. Barry showed up for a photo op after the fact when the governor had the situation well in hand. Unreal.

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We need to nominate a black candidate next time around. Then in every news interview, blog post, thread response just say "racist" to everything the lefty says.

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Other successful community organizers: Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Rev. Jim Jones, and Charles Manson.

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Obama didn't build FEMA.