View Full Version : Obama's Katrina: The Aftermath Of Sandy

11-06-2012, 02:28 AM
Well, Christie and Obama did their little back slap after the storm but things have gone from bad to worse in North Jersey and NY. A week after the storm and people being out of power is bad enough but the long gas lines(up to 5 hour wait), lack of food, clothing, shelter, etc is bordering on criminal. Yes some of these people chose not to be prepared but where is FEMA on this? Why isn't FEMA running their generators to some of these gas stations who are full of gas but no way to pump it? Why is it that when an earthquake or tsunami can happen halfway around the world and we provide food, medical supplies, clothing, shelter, water within hours but a place like NJ or NY which are mere hours north of Washington we can't get these things to these people? I have a friend of mine who's been collecting supplies(the wife and I donated about $200 worth of supplies from our own stockpile) to send to people up north and to those who were affected in my own county(where I am we went relatively unscathed but there are coastal areas who's homes were as devastated as those on Long Beach Island). And now we have another nor'easter bearing down on us. So Obama showed up to have his ass kissed by Christie then left and provided no help. And to think the leftist media and Obama were lambasting Romney for having that drive in Ohio when the things people were donating are badly needed. People up there are hurting and Obama is fiddling while it happens. Sadly, most of these people will still vote for him tomorrow.

11-06-2012, 08:51 AM
Why is this happening???? Hmmmmm, oh I know!!! An election!!!! :idea:

The MSM doesn't give a shit about the victims, they have served their purpose by acting as a distraction for Lord O and giving him his "Leadership" pic.