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01-14-2013, 01:41 PM
Deaf twins who discovered they were going blind and would never see each other again are euthanized in Belgian hospital

Identical twin brothers euthanised by doctors in unique Belgium case
Twins, who were born deaf, made decision after learning they would go blind
The brothers, who spent their lives together, were unable to bear the thought of never seeing each other again

By James Rush and Damien Gayle

PUBLISHED: 04:53 EST, 14 January 2013 | UPDATED: 08:29 EST, 14 January 2013

A pair of identical twins, who were born deaf, have been killed by Belgian doctors after seeking euthanasia when they found out they would also soon go blind.

In a unique case under the country's euthanasia laws, the 45-year-old brothers, from Antwerp, chose death as they were unable to bear the thought of never seeing one another again.

They were euthanised by doctors at Brussels University Hospital, in Jette, on December 14 by lethal injection after spending their entire lives together.
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Some things are just incredibly sad and hard to understand.

01-14-2013, 02:03 PM
My grandmother had her first major stroke in her mid-twenties. She lived to be 70, 28 years less than her mother had lived. Her life was not the one she had expected. She had played the piano, spoke French, and taught Sunday school prior to her first stroke. Afterwards, she was a somewhat fragile but functioning person and eventually a more than capable grandmother albeit that all of her grandchildren were innately aware that she was disabled and was to be treated with the utmost care and respect. She resumed having small strokes in her sixties.

On suicide she said, "When you feel most like ending it, you are unable to, and by the time you could physically manage it you don't want to do it anymore."

01-14-2013, 02:11 PM
Normally I am always personally against suicide, I know that sounds like a cop out the way I qualified it but I can't be their judge and jury, to be both blind and deaf is unimaginable to me.