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09-26-2008, 07:11 AM
Another ACORN Voter Fraud Case .They Should Ban These Critters and Lock Up Their Leaders

COLLIER COUNTY: Voter registration fraud has been detected in one Florida county and now Republicans are pointing their finger at one organization designed to get minorities to vote.The accusations are against the "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now," or ACORN.

The Republican National Committee accuses ACORN of creating fraudulent voter registration cards in an effort to benefit democrats. ACORN admits that they had a case of voter fraud happen this week in Seminole County, but say they have since fired that employee and the faulty registration has been thrown out.But this has caused the RNC to question ACORN's registration practices.

"This organization is not new to this game they are a quasi-criminal Democratic affiliation organization," said RNC Chief Counsel Sean Cairncross.ABC7 talked to several election supervisors and found nothing criminal about the organization itself.

ACORN says it's non-partisan, but feel Republicans unfairly link them to Democrats because they help register low income and minority voters."The McCain campaign and the RNC are basically attacking groups that empower minority voters by getting help for folks get registered and get to the polls on election day," said Brian Kettenring, head organizer for ACORN in Florida.

But even if an organization tries passing off faulty registration cards, a statewide voter registration system still double checks the information."The system would say it's not matching so the system's pretty good about that," said Collier County Chief Deputy Supervisor of Elections Gary Beauchamp.


09-26-2008, 07:15 AM
CRL Testimony on ACORN's Voter Fraud

-- James Terry, Chief Public Advocate for the Consumers Rights League, today testified at a joint House Administration and House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on "Federal, State and Local Efforts to Prepare for the General 2008 Election," where he highlighted "corruption at every level of ACORN including embezzlement, cover-ups, misuse of taxpayer funds and voter fraud." An excerpt of his testimony follows:

James Terry, Chief Public Advocate, Consumers Rights League:

"ACORN routinely says it will clean up its act. Yet, given its decade-long history of voter fraud, embezzlement, and misuses of taxpayer funds, ACORN's pattern of fraud can no longer be dismissed as a series of 'unfortunate events.'

"The problem of voter registration fraud raises serious questions for this committee, and the Consumers Rights League appreciates that the right questions are being asked.

"Here are the most important questions right now: We know about the thousands of potentially fraudulent voter registration cards turned in by ACORN and caught by officials. But given the size of ACORN's efforts and the fact that the abuses appear to be systemic, we believe it is fair to question how many more fraudulent registrations have not been discovered, Furthermore, as this mega organization with a decades long history of violating the law is turned to get out the vote efforts, we believe it is fair to question how many fraudulent registrations may lead to fraudulent votes or what other activities they are willing to undertake to influence the election.

"These are serious questions, especially in light of recent election results which show that a just few votes can change the outcome of an election, the course of our country and the course of history. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/crl-testimony-acorns-voter-fraud/story.aspx?guid=%7B573B31D0-6AB7-4353-B8E7-91300F4DFF81%7D&dist=hppr