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02-28-2013, 01:17 AM
Calif. female lawmakers condemn Oscar host

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) Two female California state lawmakers have condemned Oscar host Seth MacFarlane's comments during Sunday's awards presentation as degrading toward women and asked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to use better judgment in the future.

Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal and Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, both Democrats who lead the Legislature's women's caucus, sent a letter to Academy President Hawk Koch on Tuesday, requesting that the organization disavow MacFarlane's behavior.

They objected to the comedian's focus on the physical appearance of several actresses and quips about nude scenes.

"Furthermore, there was a disturbing theme about violence against women being acceptable and funny," the lawmakers wrote. "From topical jabs about domestic violence to singing about 'boobs' during a film's rape scene, Seth MacFarlane crossed the line from humor to misogyny."

LINK (http://movies.yahoo.com/news/calif-female-lawmakers-condemn-oscar-host-153418123.html)

I guess these idiots have never seen Family Guy. American Dad or The Clevland Show.....


02-28-2013, 01:24 AM
Ah yes, the Granola state...

02-28-2013, 01:30 AM
Seriously. What the hell did they expect?

DumbAss Tanker
02-28-2013, 02:25 AM
Seriously. What the hell did they expect?

They wanted someone who would only mock the ineffectuality, racism, and sexism of white men. Anything else is unacceptable and deeply offensive to the sensibilities of women, minorities, and moonbats.

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02-28-2013, 02:15 PM
If the legislators are concerned that Seth McFarlane saw the boobs of actresses who were paid quite well to expose them, then they should talk to the Hollywood producers, directors and agents who talked them into it.

And, did any women protest this by going topless, as is the current trend among women who you'd pay to see covered?