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09-26-2008, 07:59 PM
*Any resemblance to Chris Dodd is purely coincidental*

While Democrats today roll all over themselves trying to hysterically stop McCain’s momentum, created primarily out of his bold move to suspend his campaign to do his job as a Senate leader by participating in getting our economic situation resolved, the truth about why the bailout has not been approved yet is starting to come out.

Yesterday, the Democrats tried to convince the Media that somehow a “deal” had been already reached on this bailout proposal, even though nobody from the Republican caucus in the House had approved of it. John McCain himself has gone to Washington specifically for two reasons: to get the deal through with bipartisan support and to make sure that the bill was NOT full of nasty earmarks and trap holes for taxpayers. When the meeting with George W. Bush got underway, you could automatically see that almost all of the fiscal conservatives in the meeting were NOT included in the negotiations and that this deal was in fact a creation of the two entities in the United States with the lowest approval ratings in history; the Democratic Congress and the Bush Administration.

What is in that bill that has led most House Republicans and John McCain himself to oppose it? PORK.

But not any pork, the Democrats have actually earmarked the bill with 100 million dollars for left wing organizers left-wing housing entitlement mobsters and heavily tax-subsidized fraudsters at ACORN. As some of you may already know, ACORN is already under federal investigation for election FRAUD and other unwholesome acts.

When you read the Democrat earmark, specifically Section 5 of the Chris Dodd counter-proposal to the Paulson Plan, a large portion of any repayment of the $700 billion would go to the ‘uber community organizers’ of ACORN, with a smaller allocation to debt repayment.

It specifically promises a minimum 20% of the ‘profits’ from the Treasury’s sale of assets to The Housing Trust Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund.


So what do we want from our lawmakers in Washington?


We want John McCain and the few sane individuals in Washington to never allow the Bush Administration and the Democratic Congress to slip us (and our children) a billion dollar bill until it is tweaked in such a way that it does not ruin our future.

Although many will love to blame somebody for the failure of this compromise, and John McCain will get the blunt of it from the corrupt Democratic Congress, we all have to make sure to let everyone know that if McCain hadn’t taken the public spotlight to Washington, we would ALL have lost plenty of money and the stability of our Nation would have been put in serious jeopardy.

As an example of this, read this small excerpt from a story that was breaking yesterday, a few minutes before the meeting in the White House began (from The Hill):

Senate Democratic leaders unveiled their $56 billion economic stimulus package on Thursday, less than an hour before leaving to meet President Bush at the White House to continue the fragile negotiations on the financial rescue bill.

Calling it “an economic recovery package that will help middle-class families struggling in the weakening Bush-McCain economy,” Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Appropriations Committee Chairman Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) pitched the plan with the familiar mantra of “not forgetting Main Street.” The plan includes a $7.5 billion down payment on $25 billion in loans for the struggling auto industry.

“Democrats believe that we must urgently pass another economic recovery package that will create hundreds of thousands of good-paying American jobs and prevent cuts in critical services for millions of Americans,” Reid said in a statement. “With the economic news only getting worse each day, I call on the president, Sen. McCain and congressional Republicans to join us to quickly get this done for American families.”

Byrd said the plan compensates for “failing to invest in America … the Bush administration has fiddled while Rome has burned.”

After working to strike a deal on an economic stimulus earlier this year, the Bush administration and congressional Republicans have expressed opposition to the Democrats’ new proposal, citing its price tag and the contents of the plan.

At press time Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said attaching the economic stimulus bill to the bailout package would be a mistake because it would slow down the financial rescue bill.

The proposal was released at 3:13 p.m., just ahead of a scheduled 4 p.m. meeting between Bush and members of Congress. Democrats have been talking about a second stimulus bill for months.

Senior Democratic aides downplayed the significance of the timing, however. One said it was merely “coincidental,” while another emphasized that a stimulus plan has always been part of Democratic demands and Thursday’s proposal was nothing new.

Democratic sources did indicate openness to how the bill is presented — either as an amendment to the continuing resolution that is pending before the chamber, or as a standalone bill.

This is why they are all angry at McCain today in Washington. They wanted all of this to go on behind closed doors and under the table, now they have to work with the entire Nation breathing down their necks, and they simply don’t like it.

What is ironic about all of this is that the Democrats and Barack Obama, are now deeply aligned with the Bush Administration to get this bill passed, AS IS. While John McCain and the House Republicans are trying to somehow modify it, so that the American Taxpayer is NOT bamboozled again. After all of their talk about “Bush’s 3rd Term”, it is now quite clear that only Obama’s presidency would mean the re-election of Bush, and McCain’s election will mean REAL CHANGE.